Police Writes Ticket For A Cracked Windshield As The Person Was About To Get It Repaired

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With every passing day, we lament at the discourse that this world has taken part in. It is easier for people to take in news that sound unfortunate and gone are the days where it was really just black and white. Now, there is just a lot of grey area where some things are just unexplainable, unfathomable and unsolvable.

The Police Should Have Been More Lenient

While we trust the law makers and the law keepers to protect us from the perils of the world, with the current situation, we can’t exactly place a lot of trust in them. We have either been victims or have a friend who has been a victim of such mishaps.

Below is a harrowing tale of an experience by a Nick Berlin which involved his windshield and a cop.

Man gets penalized for a defective vehicle just outside the repair shop:

Nick Berlin had an appointment at 3.30 pm with his auto repair shop for repairing his cracked windshield. The cracked windshield was a result of the mindless action of a person who threw a rock at his windshield. And when things couldn’t get worse than that, he was stopped by a police officer who cited that he was operating an unsafe and a defective vehicle.

That was all true, but we have to remember that Nick was at the parking lot of the auto repair shop for his appointment. Despite having requested the police officer for some leniency, the officer wrote a ticket to Nick just 100 feet away from the repair shop. If he had been 5 minutes early, he could have gone in without the hassle and without the ticket.

At this point, we ask if the police are more interested in garnering revenues rather than assessing a situation with reason and logic. With the above anecdote, it is hard to think otherwise.

Change Your Wiper Blades Yourself And Save a Fortune

changing your wiper blades

Knowing how to do things yourself will save you a fortune as there is always a reward, literally for the labour you put into doing something on your own.

We have all come across that situation where you take your vehicle for a simple oil change and you end up doing more than just oil change. One such man encountered the same experience where the mechanic suggested that he change his wiper blades as well. Each blade cost $12 and in total he had to spend $24. He immediately declined the offer and decided to change the wipers himself.

Getting the right wiper blades:

If you are not an expert and is not sure about what kind of wipers you should get for your vehicle, the best thing to do is to probably ask. All wipers may look the same but be assured that they are not!

It is best to head to a store that sells all kinds of auto parts or you have the option of having an excuse to head to Wal-Mart. There are associates and sales people that can surely assist you in getting the right wiper as long as you just provide the make and model of your vehicle.

There is another thing, if you decide to go to an auto repairs store which is the fact that the associates will change the wipers for free if you purchase them from the store.

How to change the wipers:

  1. Remove the old wipers by lifting the arm of the wiper. Press the tab the separates the wiper and the wiper arm. This will detach the old wipers.
  2. Attach the new wiper blade on the same location from where you detached the old wiper blade.
  3. Test your new wipers.

It is recommended that the wiper blades be replaced every six months or so, which would give you more opportunities to practice.


Cold Temperatures Responsible For Breaking Windshields

cold temperatures responsible for breaking windshields

A man from Indianapolis had an unlikely story to share which involved his windshield. The rear windshield broke while he was sitting inside the car with the defroster on. From a usual point of view, it appeared like as if somebody has thrown a blunt and a heavy object at the windshield, which is a legit reason for the windshield cracking on its own with full force. The only thing missing upon investigation was the object which was ‘responsible’ for the breakage. Later, it turned out that the only culprit was the cold temperatures at that time.

What causes windshields to crack at low temperatures?

The reason is just elementary science. Glass expands and contracts with the fluctuations in temperatures. So, when there is a sudden change in temperature, the rate at which the glass can expand and contract can cause cracks and at certain situations like the man from Indianapolis experienced, it can break fully.

How to avoid windshields from breaking?    

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for cracked or broken windshields, the idea is to never defrost your windshield with hot water. With the sudden and uninvited introduction of hot temperature to the windshield, the glass will expand without warning and it will obviously pop your windshield. The trick is to use a defroster at a moderate temperature so that hot air is introduced gradually and the glass will ease into the surrounding temperature.

It was likely that the man from Indianapolis, who is known by the name Dave Mejean, turned the highest temperature of his windshield and it was probable that the windshield was unable to take the sudden change in temperature.

Besides spending a fortune on changing a windshield, money is not the only concern as glass can provide a danger to the people around it. The impact from the glass can cause serious injuries as well. So, make sure that the ice on the windshield is handled with care.


Snow Spilled From Snowplough Shatters Car Windshield

snow wrecks car windshield

“A Freak Accident”

An unfortunate incident that involved a snowplough and a windshield of Kevin Hoffer’s car occurred on 28th November 2018 while he was driving on the highway through the Michigan Avenue overpass.

After the torrential snowfall the night before, a fully loaded county snowplough was clearing snow on the overpass just as Hoffer’s car was crossing the bridge below. What seemed like a regular errant run turned into a freak accident when the loaded snow started spilling below the bridge, and the snow fell over the windshield of Hoffer’s car and shattered the auto glass.

The whole episode was dramatically captured by the dash cam in the car to provide evidence of the incident.


Hoffer said that he intended to get off the highway on the next exit had the incident not taken place. He was unharmed, but the damage on the windshield could have caused severe dangers for him as it prevented him from having a clear view of the road and also threatening his safety if the cracked glass shatters on the street.

He was able to get off the highway safely without injuries, and his vehicle did not disrupt traffic.

Insurance Covered

Hoffer was luckily enough to have solid proof of the incident through his webcam.

His insurance company has decided to pay for most of the replacement fee which is expected at $600. But since the insurance company will only be covering a part of the cost, he hopes that the county will pay for the rest of the fees.

The Advantage of a Dash Cam

With the winters setting in, drivers are advised to prepare their cars for the oncoming winter chills and take necessary precautions for their safety. Installing a dash cam and quality windshield is a must to stay safe and secure.

Like Hoffer’s incident, if you face such unpredictable events, dash cams are handy in providing evidence and could save your life and expenditure.

Man Slams Car into Tree Due to Reckless Driving

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On December 3, 2018, Lincoln Police, Neb., took a man into custody after he smashed his car into a tree and a retaining wall while he was driving with his head out of the window like “Ace Ventura”.

The Movie Reference

Ace Ventura is a movie starring Jim Carey who plays the role of a pet detective but loses his mind and does crazy stunts throughout the 1994 comedy movie. The film includes a scene where Ace Ventura drives with his head out of the side window because of his shattered windshield.


According to the police in Lincoln, the man was driving like Ace Ventura because the wipers of his car windshield were not working.

At the time of the incident, there was torrential rainfall, but since his wipers were not working and he could not see the road, he had to resort to sticking his head out of the window to have a better view of the way.

The man had reportedly fled the scene of the single car incident after he hit a retaining wall and a tree with the car.

However, police were quick to identify the culprit, and the authorities contacted him in a short while.

Unfortunately, the man was checked for driving under the influence and was found guilty with over .137 blood-alcohol report!

People’s Reactions

Few people responded to the news for arresting an arbitrated driver whose intention was to avoid crashing his car.

But it should be noted that it was sheer luck and carelessness on his part for failing to check the functions of his vehicle.


The unfortunate event could have been avoided had the driver taken proper considerations about putting his head out of the window and driving under the influence which is both against safe driving rules.

Checking if all the car’s parts are working regularly before driving them can also eliminate such incidents in the future.

Cold Weather Car Hacks

cold weather

Running late for work but you still have to waste ten to fifteen minutes to get your car engine working or scrape the snow from your windshield? The winters make it terrible for people in a rush. Instead of doing the daily heat blasting and scraping, here are useful hacks for your car in the cold weather.

Frozen Car Lock

If you are in an emergency and you try to rush but find that the lock is frozen, use a hand sanitizer to rub in on your car keys and the keyhole. Leave it for a few seconds; wipe it away to prevent the paint job from chipping.

You can also use a lighter to warm the keys, insert in the keyhole, let the heat melt the frost and you are good to go!

Defrosting the Windshield

Before you park your car, wipe the windshield with warm wax and rub it clean. Once you start defrosting, the windscreen will remain clear, and the wax will prevent it from getting fogged again and again.

Unfogging the Windshields

Collect silica gel packets from packaged food and clothing. Scatter them close to the windshield or windows to absorb moisture and smell.

Preventing Frosty Side View Mirrors

Cover the side view mirrors with gallon bags and leave them overnight. You can easily remove the frosted bag, wipe off the residue and quickly drive away with defrosted mirrors.

Slippery Path

Spreading cat litter on the track will absorb the moisture on the trail and give you some traction to move the car. If you don’t have cat litter in handy, use your car mat over the slippery area for adhesion.

Defrosting the Windshield

Keep a mixture of one part water and three parts vinegar to spray on the windscreen and remove stubborn ice stuck on the car.

Extra Tips

Never use hot water to defrost the ice on your car as it will crack the glass or paint and brittle the metal parts.

Always heat your engine for a few seconds to warm the battery before driving off.

Preparing Your Car for the Winters

preparing your car for winter

With the chilly winters fast approaching in central North Carolina, many vehicles owners are warned to take extra precautions to prevent their vehicles from extreme weather damages and for road safety.

Here are essential tips to better prepare for the snowfall which is expected to create dangerous sleet, frosting and ice.

Clearing the View

It is essential to ensure that the driver has a clear view of the road. The outside and the inside of the windshield should be wiped clean with a snow scraper or brush to remove the accumulated snow.

Clearing a Fogged Windshield

When the windshield of the car remains closed, it gets fogged from within the vehicle. Wipe the fogged windshield for temporary clarity but to keep the windows from fogging again, turn on the defroster upwards so warm up the windshield.

If you are unfamiliar with your car appliances, the defroster is indicated by an icon with three curved arrows on the dashboard. Once the windshield is clear, turn the heat towards your convenient direction to heat the rest of the interiors of the car.

Check Wiper and Wiper Blades

While defrosting the windshield, ensure that the windshield wiper is also in proper condition. Check for worn-out of chipped wiper blades to prevent streaking the windshield which makes it vulnerable to breakage in extreme heat or cold weather.

Under the Hood

Battery life: make sure that you have a powered battery to prevent trouble while starting the engine.

Check Radiators: Radiators should be checked and flushed within two years to keep the coolant and antifreeze running.

Refill washer fluid: clear washer fluid makes the wiper blades useless in cleaning the grit from the windshield.


Ensure that the tyre pressure and thread are in top condition so that the car can thread through snow-covered areas with ease and that the thread is conditioned well to grasp enough traction on slippery roads.

Lastly, check your exhaust and have an emergency kit with winter supplies in the car along with snacks, food, coat, gloves and a blanket in case you find someone stuck in the cold.

Hazardous Effects Of Damaged Windshield

car windshield

A windshield is probably the last thing that anybody associates with the law. You wouldn’t think there would be any law associated with it, but in reality, it’s the complete adverse of it. In fact, cracked windshields are considered a serious offence in many countries including Canada. This is because a broken windshield can be life-threatening for the driver and the passengers as well, due to limited visibility.

Why A Broken/Damaged Windshield Is Dangerous

The windshield can be considered as the first line of defence of your car. Think about it; the windshield takes all the impact of the extremely dangerous and high-speed winds directly. It also acts as your primary shielding element in case of any unfortunate accidents. Proper and strong windshield, therefore, becomes vital for your security.

A cracked windshield also compromises the physical integrity of your front-end car structure, and this ultimately results in severe injuries in case of any collision, especially front-end collision.

Importance Of Windshield

A professional car racer or someone with a good knowledge of car aerodynamics will tell you how important the windshield is. The windshield apart from protecting you from external environmental weather conditions also plays a crucial role in transferring the front-end impact force to the car chassis. This, in short, allows your car to run more smoothly and stable even at high speeds.

Also one of the key functions of a windshield is that it holds the car’s airbag mechanism in proper place. If your windshield is damaged, the airbag system doesn’t deploy correctly, hence increasing the chances of sustaining serious injuries.

Deal With Broken Windshield Legally

Often times it happens that insurance companies don’t include the windshield damage in their policy. Or in short, they refuse to assist you financially when you have a broken or damaged windshield. It is important for you to know that it is your legal right to claim your car insurance for your broken windshield as well.

We at familymattersplus ensure professional lawyers to help you deal with your insurance providers legally. For more information and legal advice visit our website at https://www.familymattersplus.com

Broken Auto Glass Claims with a Lawyer

auto glass insurance

Knowing Your Rights

When you have a broken windshield or when need a replacement or repair

  • It is your right to choose whichever auto glass repair shops suit your preference and not to be dictated by the insurers.
  • If your windshield is broken by accident and it is not your fault, you can request the one responsible for the damage to pay for the repair or replacement. If that is too much, you can negotiate compensation or mediate the situation.
  • You can file an insurance claim with your insurance provider to cover for the damage.

Facing the Challenges

With the numbers and price of windshield replacement and repairs escalating at an alarming rate and provincial courts burdened with pending cases, the pressing need for efficient lawyers is more crucial than ever.

Many insurance companies are handing out a paltry sum of money for insurance claims, and many clients are getting tired of it. The insurers must provide full financial support for the auto glass claim. Otherwise, it becomes a breach of contract which can be settled in court.

Dragging the matter to court for a fair settlement is what most car owners hope for, but that is not the usual case as it takes longer than expected, leaving many frustrated and in debt.

Settling the Matter

At Abi Law, we specialise in dealing with family law, divorce law, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law and negotiations.

  • We can help you check your insurance coverage and equip you with legal advice,
  • Represent you in court and claim your rights.
  • If you are not satisfied with the judgment of the court, we can further create arbitrations and negotiate the compensation in your favour with the other party within the limitations of the law.
  • The lawyer at Abi Law can introduce a collaborative law to find a settlement that can appease both parties efficiently.

If you need legal advice for your auto glass claims or any damages on your car, visit http://abilaw.ca/.

Women Take On Windshield Repair with Special Programs

women take on windshield repair

It was men who initially dominated the auto glass repair work, but there have always been women involved in the business. The role of women in the automotive industry is significantly gaining recognition, and some women have even started their independent venture in the auto repair work.

New Programs for Women

Several programs especially target women who are new in the business and also for women who had been there for many years. Two such programs that changed the game for women are Women in Trades and #WomenRockRepair.

#WomenRockRepair is a group that highlights women in the auto glass business. It was established by Shiloh Spoo who was inspired by a friend to specifically focus on women when they noticed that women were overshadowed at the previous years’ Auto Glass Week awards ceremony.

Supportive Establishment

The movement gained momentum, and #WomenRockRepair has since mentored women groups to join and establish them in the windshield repair and replacement industry. This program also sponsors women to compete in the Windshield Repair Competition by sponsoring the entry fees and training them in the business.

The Women in the Trade scholarship program have also been providing support and mentoring women for over a decade. With the initiative to provide scholarships for women wanting to pursue this career, they train and offer opportunities to work with experts. They choose five women every semester and offer them opportunities to further their skills.

The Inspirations

Suzanne Allan who encourages Shiloh Spoo was the first woman to win the Windshield Repair competition in 2018. She claims that her husband inspired her to enter the contest after he won earlier. It was an achievement that opened the possibilities for many other women as well, and she encourages other women to follow their dreams.

Programs such as #WomenRockRepair and Women in the Trade have greatly helped in highlighting the possibilities of any woman and will continue to produce efficient and skilled women in the auto glass industry.