Fiber Fix Repair Tool That Can Seal Windshield Cracks

This is the fiberfix tool, a do it yourself tool that can help people fix small cracks in their cars windshield. This product can also be used to reinforce weak joins and crumbling old plastic. The small do it yourself tasks can be hard to do. For example if you’re car windshield gets chipped, you can use the Fiberfix diy repair tool to fix the damage in a matter of minutes. This cool new innovative tool uses a sticky resin that can seal, build, and bond, with over 2000 lbs of power. Right now you can get the Fiberfix two pack repair tool for the low price of $14.99. Not a bad deal for a tool that allows users to quickly fix up small cracks in a windshield.

No Special Skills Needed

Another great thing about this product is that you don’t need trained skills to operate it. The precision nozzle can be used to apply the resin like glue. You can manipulate the Fiberfix resin to be molded to form a new surface. For this reason you can fill in the cracks, as well as protect exposed wiring. The resin is a very powerful substance that can be used strengthen weak joins and old plastic.

The resin sticks to pretty much all surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. It cures when its in the air, however you can speed up the process by using the UV light on the Fiberfix tool. Once the resin sets in it can be sanded to a nice smooth finish.
To learn more about this product watch the video posted below!

Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan

truck windshield repair vaughan

Top Causes of Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan

Do you own a truck in Vaughan, Ontario? The city now has a population of over 306,000 (2016) and has become one of the biggest cities in the Toronto metro area. This has resulted in changes in more traffic and a greater need for auto repairs.

A Fast-Growing City
Vaughan was Canada’s fastest-growing municipality from the decade of 1996 to 2006 and experienced an 80% growth rate in its population. The city has become the fifth biggest city in the Great Toronto Area as well as one of the top-20 largest cities in Canada. This has resulted in changes to the area like heavier traffic and an increased need for auto repairs including windshield repairs.

Reasons to get Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan Services
Why would you need truck windshield repair Vaughan service? There are several causes of windshield damage and here are some of the main ones:

1. Construction Vehicles
Driving behind construction vehicles is one of the main causes of cracked windshields in any big Canadian city. There’s a chance that the debris stuck on the construction vehicle like dirt, rocks, and even tools. So it’s important to drive a safe distance to keep your truck safe from flying debris that could fly towards your truck’s windshield.

2. Bad Installation
There’s also a chance your Vaughan truck has a windshield that involved poor installation. In that case, the quality of the windshield might be good but the problem is the installation. This can result in windshield vibrating when you drive on a highway or there’s a strong wind. The vibration can cause a crack in the windshield.

A repair person will likely have to reinstall the windshield or even replace it in some cases. It’s important to pick a quality windshield installation service in Vaughan in order to get the best results.

3. Gravel Roads
When you drive your truck down a gravel road in Vaughan there’s a chance your vehicle could kick up debris that hits and cracks your windshield. It’s important to note that the cracks usually happen due to the vehicles in front of you. So it’s important to drive at a safe distance when you’re going down a gravel road in particular. This will help to protect your truck from flying/spinning pebbles.

4. Auto Accident
You might need windshield repair for your truck following an auto accident that involves your vehicle. This can involve accidents with other vehicles. Another possibility is things like baseballs or rocks accidentally hitting your windshield. You can avoid this situation by parking your truck in a garage.

5. Bad Construction
Sometimes the truck windshield repair Vaughan service was simply made poorly. In that case, a small strain can result in the sheet of glass being damaged. In this case, the problem is with the windshield itself so the best option is to replace the entire unit. If you don’t take that step there’s a chance patchwork will just be a short-term fix and you could need more repairs in the future. When picking a new windshield to make sure to select a quality one to prevent future repairs.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

mobile windshield replacement vaughan

Top Benefits of Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

Are you looking for window replacement services in Vaughan, Ontario? If so then you should definitely consider mobile windshield replacement Vaughan. That’s because it provides the convenience of the auto shop going to you instead of you going to the auto shop.

A More Mobile City

Vaughan has sky-rocketed in recent decades and especially from 1996 to 2006. That’s when it became the fastest-growing municipality throughout Canada. The city’s growth has made it the fifth largest city in the Toronto metro area and increased the number of vehicles on the city’s streets and highways.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

If you’re looking for windshield replacement services you should consider mobile services. Here are some of the main benefits:

1. Convenience
When you need your windshield replaced quickly due to an accident, for example, it’s much easier when the company can send out a repair truck to your location. This prevents the need to transport your vehicle to the auto glass shop. That can be a tough task in certain situations depending on your location. A mobile windshield replacement Vaughan service can get a repair person out to your location so the process is much easier.

2. Cost
You should expect to pay somewhat higher rates for mobile services like windshield replacement. Is it worthwhile? Instead of just considering the price tag you should also factor in the opportunity cost. If you miss important meetings during the day because of a damaged windshield you could end up losing a lot of possible revenue. Meanwhile, if a mobile service can fix your windshield and get you back on the road the higher cost can definitely be worthwhile.

3. Time
Time can be of the essence when you need to do auto repairs. For example, if your vehicle’s windshield is damaged and you have to get to an important meeting it could take half a day to get to the auto glass repair shop and get the glass repaired. A mobile windshield replacement service can help to save you lots of time. That’s because the company’s truck will go to your current location and replace the windshield in a super-fast time. This will make the process quicker and more efficient, which are definitely pluses when getting auto glass work done.

4. Quality
You might be wondering about the quality of installation provided by a mobile windshield replacement service. In fact, the installation is often just as good as the job done in the auto glass shop. That’s why this is definitely an option you should consider. When installing a new windshield the quality of the installation is definitely one of the main issues to consider.

5. Inventory
Another benefit when using a mobile service is you’ll be able to access the company’s entire inventory of windshields. That will make it easier to find the right glass for your vehicle’s make and model. The only difference is that you’ll get the windshield replaced where you’re located instead of needing to travel to the auto glass shop. The latter option requires more time, effort, and money.

Cheap Windshield Replacement Vaughan

cheap windshield replacement vaughan

How to Find Cheap Windshield Replacement Vaughan Services

Does your car or truck need a cheap windshield replacement windshield Vaughan service? If so then you should consider cheap windshield replacement Vaughan services from the experts at Wind Auto Glass. This can help to save you tons of money in a new windshield.

More People, More Vehicles

How fast has the growth of Vaughan bee? It was, in fact, the fastest-growing Canadian municipality from 1996 to 2006. The Ontario city is now the fifth biggest city in the Toronto metropolitan area and one of the top-20 biggest cities in the North American country. This has resulted in changes like more vehicles on Vaughan highways and byways.

Finding the Cheap Windshield Replacement Vaughan Services

Do you have to replace the windshield of your car or truck? If so then the good news is you can get a quality unit at a low price. The key is to know which steps to take in order to find the lowest price. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Shop around

Make sure to compare prices at 3+ auto glass shops. This will help to make sure you’re not paying the highest price in the industry. The more prices you compare the more likely you can get a rock-bottom price on a replacement windshield. The Internet has also made the process easier since you don’t have to travel from shop to shop or make lots of phone calls. It’s quite easy to shop around today to find the lowest price for a replacement windshield.

2. Try to negotiate

This isn’t always an option but some auto glass shops are willing to negotiate the price of their replacement windshields. This isn’t always an option but it’s worth asking about. It’s also more likely when a company knows you’re shopping around for a replacement windshield. They might be willing to drop their price in order to get your business.

3. Guarantees for manufacturer defects

This will help to protect your investment in case the windshield was damaged during the manufacturing process. In that case, it’s important to make sure there’s a guarantee that covers such defects. It can help to avoid the out-of-pocket expense of buying a new windshield.

4. Look for sales/promotions

Today’s companies are offering tons of online sales and promotions so it’s just a matter of doing your research to find the best ones for replacement windshields. You can save a small fortune sometimes if you find a great promotion or sale offered by an auto glass shop.

5. Learn about suppliers

Auto glass shops can save tons of money on windshields when they get their units at wholesale prices. If that’s the case then you can save money on your replacement windshield. Some companies might not be willing to reveal whether they get their windshields wholesale but it’s worth asking to find out if they can pass on the savings to you.

6. Price guarantees/matching

Look for companies that offer price guarantees/matching, which can help you to find the cheapest auto windshield. Some shops offer price guarantees like beating the competition’s prices by 10%, for example. There are other shops that offer other price-related guarantees. Make sure to shop around for the best price guarantees/matching.

Now that you understand how to get cheap windshield replacement Vaughan services, try your luck with us by getting a free repair quote.

Car Windshield Installation Vaughan

car windshield installation vaughan

Mistakes to Avoid When Finding Car Windshield Installation Vaughan Companies

Do you live in Vaughan, Ontario? If so then you’re living in one of the top-20 largest Canadian cities. It’s also in the largest metropolitan area in the country, followed by the metro areas in Montreal and Vancouver.

The Importance of Car Windshield Installation Vaughan Services

Why should you replace your auto windshield instead of fixing it? In some cases, the original damage to the windshield was bad enough to need replacement. However, in other cases, a small pebble can expand over time due to changing outdoor temperatures causing the glass to expand and contract. Within time you’ll need to replace the entire windshield instead of fixing it.

Windshield Installation Vaughan Service Company Mistakes to Avoid

When finding an auto shop for windshield installation it’s important to avoid common mistakes in order to get the best results. Here are some of them:

1. Not shopping around
It’s important to shop around so you can find the best company for car windshield installation Vaughan services. Comparing different shops will help you to find the best shop in terms of products, service, etc. However, if you don’t take that step you could end up with a sub-par company that provides low-quality products or services. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

2. Not getting a guarantee
There are various types of guarantees involved when buying a new auto windshield. For example, you can get a price guarantee or guarantee for manufacturer defects. What’s most important is there’s protection to make sure you’re getting the best product/service at the best price. There are different types of guarantees so make sure to research what is and isn’t covered so there won’t be any surprises later.

3. Not reading reviews
There are several options when picking a Vaughan auto glass shop so you can find online reviews for the different shops. This will give you a sense of whether the experience of past customers was generally good or bad. It can be a mistake not reading reviews because you might end up with a bad company when it’s already received many bad online reviews. Make sure to read several reviews since there’s always a chance there were a few disgruntled customers who were just tough to deal with.

4. Not considering windshield repair
In some situations a windshield can be fixed so you can avoid needing to replace the entire unit. Make sure to have a professional inspect the glass to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. You can save a ton of money by fixing the glass but in some situations, the only option you have is to replace the entire unit.

5. Not considering the shop’s location
This can cause a lot of hassles. If it’s far from your home or office you’ll need to travel far even if you live or work in Vaughan. So it’s important to take into account the location of the auto glass shop. This will help to save you a lot of time, effort, and money. That’s a plus in the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

Car Window Installation Vaughan

car window installation vaughan

How to Find the Best Car Window Installation Vaughan Service

Does your car or truck need a window replaced? If so then you should try to find the top car window installation Vaughan.

Reasons to get a car window installation Vaughan service

Did you know Vaughan is the 5th largest city in the Toronto metro area? The area has been growing significantly in recent years and was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada from 1996 to 2006. As a result, there are more vehicles on the roads and highways and more chances your automobile’s windows might need replacing.

Finding the Rest Window Installation Company
If you’re looking for a company that installs auto windows here are some of the main things to look for:

1. Quote
Look for companies that offer a free quote. This will inform you about the cost of replacing your car/truck window using a particular company’s services. Not all auto shops offer this feature but it’s definitely a plus so you can compare prices before picking a window-replacement company.

2. Locations
It’s important to look for an auto glass company that’s located somewhat close to your home or office in Vaughan. This provides more convenience for you. For example, it prevents the need to travel to locations on the other side of Ontario. It can even be a hassle to travel to nearby cities like Toronto depending on your location. So it’s important to make sure the auto glass shop has a location that’s close to your home/office.

3. Professionalism
This is an X-factor but is worth considering. Look for companies that offer friendly and professional service. This is important whether you’re getting a mirror fixed or replacing the entire windshield.

4. Testimonials
It’s a good idea to read the testimonials of past customers. What did they like/dislike about the company? That will help you to find an auto shop that has everything you’re looking for in terms of products, prices, etc. Make sure to read multiple testimonials so you get an overall picture of the amount of customer satisfaction an auto shop has provided its past customers.

4. Services
Here’s another key factor to consider when picking an auto glass shop. Does the company replace windows, windshields, and mirror? Do they do repairs as well? Is window tinting offered? These are important issues because it can help to find an auto glass shop that includes the services you’re looking for. You could also contact the company in the future if you need other repairs.

A company that offers a wide variety of services is generally a good option since you can get all your auto glass work done at one location. This can help to save you time, effort, and money, which is definitely a plus.

5. Warranty
Look for companies that offer a warranty on their work. There are various types including ones that provide protection from manufacturer defects and lower prices among competitors. What’s important is to look for companies that offer warranties and learn exactly what it does/doesn’t cover. That, in turn, will help you to pick the right auto glass shop for your needs.

As when replacing other parts of your vehicle it’s important to get the best service possible. A warranty can help to add extra protection since it helps to protect your investment. It’s a plus so you won’t have to replace the auto glass on your vehicle sooner rather than later. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Car Mirror Crack Repair Vaughan

car mirror crack repair vaughan

Do you own a vehicle in Vaughan? If so then there’s a chance you’ll need car mirror crack repair Vaughan services. Vaughan is one of the top-20 largest cities in Canada and the amount of traffic in the Ontario region increases the chance you might need to fix things like car mirrors and windshields.

An Expanding City – Vaughan Ontario Canada

Did you know the city of Vaughan is over one century old? It was incorporated in 1850 as a township then as a city in 1991. It’s grown to be the fifth biggest city in the Toronto region and that’s boosted the number of cars on the road.

How to find a Car Mirror Crack Repair Vaughan Company

If you need car crack repair for a front mirror what should you look for? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Hours of operation

This is an important issue because your car or truck can experience crack mirrors at any time of the day in Vaughan. There are some companies that have basic 9-to-5 hours and others that offer 24/7 emergency service. Companies that offer around-the-clock service will tend to have higher rates but it’s worthwhile if it means you can get your vehicle fixed any time of the day or night.

  1. Feedback

It’s a good idea to research feedback that past customers in Vaughan have given the auto repair company. It’s a good idea to read multiple reviews so you can determine whether they were mostly happy or dissatisfied with the company’s work.  This can help to serve as a guide to whether or not you should do business with the company.

  1. Rates

The good news is front mirrors for cars/trucks are much cheaper than windshields. That said the prices can range significantly. It’s a good idea to shop around to make sure you’re getting rates that are within industry standards. This will help to prevent spending more than you should in the mirror and its installation.

  1. Efficiency

Make sure to look for a car mirror crack repair Vaughan auto glass shop for front mirror cracks that can fix the mirror quickly and efficiently. A cracked mirror can seem like a small issue but it can affect the operation of a vehicle so it’s important to get it fixed so you can back to your day-to-day driving. Look for companies that can fix your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time so your mirror will be fully functional.

  1. Estimate

This is a helpful service because it provides various options. You can compare prices at different shops and determine whether you should fix or replace a mirror, for example.

  1. Staff

Make sure to find a glass repair company in Vaughan with trained and professional staff. This will help to provide you with a positive experience when you get the mirror fixed or replaced. You should research the general training of the workers to make sure they’re fully qualified to handle the work. As with other types of auto repairs, it’s important for the work to be done efficiently and properly. That’s more likely when the auto shop’s workers have the proper know-how and training.

Car Glass Repair Vaughan

car glass repair vaughan

Car Glass Repair Vaughan Services – Steps to take to get your Car Windshield Fixed

Does your car have a windshield or mirror with broken glass? If so then it’s important to pick the right broken car glass repair Vaughan. It’s a common type of auto repair but it’s important to select the best company to do the car glass repair Vaughan service.

Causes of Auto Glass Damage

Vaughan is the fifth largest city in the Toronto region and one of the top-20 largest cities in Canada. There are many causes of auto glass damage in large cities. They include auto accidents, construction vehicles, poor construction/installation, and others. So it’s important to make sure you pick the right company to fix the glass in the windshield or mirror.


Finding the Best Auto Glass Repair

Which auto glass repair company should you select? There are many options in Vaughan so it can be a tough choice. When looking for broken car glass repair companies in Vaughan, here are some of the main factors to consider:

  1. Price

Make sure a particular auto glass repair company has prices that are within the range of industry standards. This will prevent you from spending more than you should. It’s a good idea to compare 3+ companies in order to find the best prices and service.

Some auto glass companies also include a price guarantee. An example is a company that guarantees it can beat rival companies’ prices by 10%, for example.  This is a great feature because it guarantees you’ll be paying rock-bottom prices.

  1. Inventory

You should also look for a company with a big inventory of in-stock glass. This will help to make sure you get the right windshield or mirror for your needs. That includes windshields of different sizes, grades, prices, and so on. When the company has a big inventory of glass it will give you more options when finding replacement auto glass.

  1. Speed

Some auto glass shops offer guarantees like installation within an hour, for example. It’s definitely a plus when you want to get your car/truck back on the road as soon as possible.

  1. Location

If you’re living in Vaughan then it’s important to find a company that’s located in the city. The Toronto metro area is quite large so it’s a good idea to pick a company that’s located in Vaughan itself. This will provide more convenience when traveling to the shop, for example. This will make your life easier since you won’t have to travel to another city/town to get your auto glass fixed.

  1. License/Insurance

When picking a Vaughan company for auto glass repair it’s critical for the company to be fully licensed and insured. This will help to make sure you’re dealing with a legit company that’s secured a license to repair/replace auto glass.

Insurance is another important factor to consider. That’s because accidents happen. It will help to protect you and the company in case there’s an accident. If it happens then both parties will be protected and you’ll get your auto glass fixed/replaced with peace of mind. This is always important since dealing with a cracked or broken windshield/mirror can be tough enough.

Auto Glass Vaughan

auto glass vaughan

Your Source in Vaughan for Certified Windshield Repair

auto glass vaughan

Windshield Services in Vaughan including Maple, and Woodbridge

Do not risk driving around with a cracked windshield when the experts at Wind Auto Glass Vaughan can install a new car windshield for you. We are backed by years of industry standard experience, our certified windshield technicians  specialize in quick, convenient windshield replacement and repair services. Have a cracked windshied? Do not wait! Contact us today at (416) 836-0049 and we will make arrangements to come out to your business or residence in Vaughan to fix your windshield.

We Come to Any Place In Vaughan

Of course, we don’t expect you to drive around town with a shattered windshield. So whats the solution? The answer is simple: you call Wind Auto Glass Vaughan right away. Our windshield repair technicians quickly replace or repair your windshield at your home, workplace, or even while you’re out shopping around Vaughan. In addition we do not charge extra for mobile services.

Quality Auto Glass Vaughan Service Is Guaranteed With Us

At Wind Auto Glass Vaughan, we proudly stand behind the work we do,we offer full warranty on all windshields we install. With friendly, knowledgeable technicians, fast mobile services, and low rates, why would you go anywhere else?

Why do Vaughan residents  make the choice to hire Wind Auto Glass Vaughan?

  • Friendly, Sensible Administration
  • Certified Experts Upheld by Years of Experience
  • We Get You In and Out as Fast as we are able to
  • Largest Stock in the Territory
  • Free Versatile Administrations

Auto Window Repair Etobicoke

auto window repair etobicoke

Saving Money on Auto Window Repair Etobicoke

auto window repair etobicoke

It’s completely normal to hate the time-consuming hassle and cost involved in car repair and maintenance. After all, the associated expenses can take a heavy toll on one’s wallet. It’s something that no car owner looks forward to. Fortunately, there are many solid ways to save money on window glass repair Etobicoke, and hopefully not be an insufferable money-loser.

Your best bet would be to find an auto company that deserves your business as opposed to those who upsell unnecessary work to fix loose things that don’t even exist. If you find a good company, the very basic human trait would be to stick with the company because the ‘good car guys’ out there are rare and few. Look for car forums, review sites, and word-of-mouth recommendations. See where they lead, and you can follow suit.

Remember, the best auto repair companies out there don’t dismiss user experience. They not only provide mobile service to attend to your car at your spot for no extra fee, but they also take care of all the insurance formalities on your behalf. A good window glass repair Etobicoke Company will provide you with an honest quote, and save you a real chunk of change by getting the repair costs covered under your insurance policy. So, hiring a good auto repair company is the best way to avoid car repair rip-offs.

Remember, the story of a South Carolina man who hid a voice recorder in the glove box when he took his sports car for servicing. Not only was his luxury car taken for a personal ride by the car technician, but he was also asked to pay for a replacement clutch that was damaged by a technician at the job. Damn! To save yourself from such horrifying experience, call Wind Auto Glass Company for a complete and honest repair job. Trustworthy, honest, and reliable, Wind Auto Glass has been in the business for more than a decade. Their mobile service lets you skip the shop and get your car serviced at your home or office anywhere in Etobicoke.