The Complexities of Windshield Replacement

windshield replacement toronto ontario canada

windshield replacement toronto ontario canada

The modern car has a windshield that is highly advanced and intuitive. The introduction of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS has bought many advantages, including safety, convenience, and simply the joy of driving.

However, on the flip side, replacing a cracked windshield or calibrating one has become more complex and expensive. Although we realize that increased safety, as well as access to innovative technology, comes at a price, at times, it can be more than a mere nuisance.

Take a look at why windshield replacement with an ADAS is proving to be more complex and pricey than most people imagine

1. Replacement, as well as calibration, can only be done at registered car dealerships. Apart from their exclusivity, there is only a handful, and they are not available everywhere.
2. Discounted glass or service is not always quality. When it comes to ADAS windshield, the performance is directly proportional to the price.
3. Some insurance companies do not cover the replacement. On the other hand, some include the replacement but not the calibration.
4. Replacement of cracked or damaged windshield starts at $700, which is not cheap by any means — calibrating one cost around $150, which is a separate cost from the cost the windshield.

What you should know about ADAS windshield replacement

As much as 40% of automobiles in Canada have ADAS, and the numbers keep increasing. This means that the earlier you know your options, the better.

• Understand what your car insurance covers. Ideally, it should cover replacement as well as calibration.
• Discounted glass is not a good option. But so is an improper calibration as it affects performance.
• Buy your car from a dealer that has the equipment to make the calibration as well replacement. Going out of town for these purposes can be time-consuming and cost you extra.

Windshield Replacement Video That Was Taken At The North York Toronto Location


Having intact windows is crucial for the safety of the vehicle and absolutely necessary for the protection of its occupants. Even if you have the smallest crack or chip in your windows, if the vehicle is moving and going over bumps in the road, that window could break at any moment. If you are looking for auto glass repair for your vehicle, we recommend that you contact Wind Auto Glass.

Why repairing ADAS integrated windshield can leave a dent in your wallet

repairing windshields

A traditional windshield was an aerodynamic window in the front of the car. It protected the car’s occupants from the elements while serving as a medium of visibility.

Modern windshields, on the other hand, helps drive the car, apart from providing visibility and protection. Most of the vehicles have integrated advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS in the windshields. It is equipped with features such as collision avoidance, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking. While this technology has significantly reduced fatal accidents from happening, the system involves sophisticated and advanced components such as video sensors, ultrasonic and radar sensors.

Why repairing these windshields are complicated and expensive.

The ADAS technology includes cameras in the windshield, ultrasonic devices in the bumpers and radars in the front grill. While these components work in perfect synchronization to protect and assist, they can go out of alignment very quickly on the slightest impact. It is because of their sensitive nature.

The following reasons are why repairing a cracked windshield with this technology gets expensive.

  • A wheel alignment is required to calibrate video and radar sensors.
  • Targeting equipment such as lasers and high-output LED are needed to perform a static recalibration.
  • Recalibration on some cars cannot be completed unless the fuel tank is full.
  • These windshields can only be repaired at specially configured auto repair shops. These shops must be equipped with advanced lighting systems and lasers. The area must be free of interference with ample open space.
  • Dynamic recalibration on some models includes test driving for as far as 25 miles.
  • The calibration is completed and confirmed only when the car is test driven on the road with clearly marked lanes. It can be successfully executed only when the weather is clear.

At Wind Auto Glass, trained professionals and mechanics ensure that your car is given the best treatment. Our state of the art equipment readily repairs and replaces your windshield at a very affordable price.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS

What is it?

Advanced driver assistance systems is a technology designed to facilitate the driving process. It assists the driver for safety, smooth and better driving. ADAS is a radar-based technology which provides information to the driver through audio and visual notifications. It is the precursor of groundbreaking technology of future autonomous driving.

The system notifies the driver of the objects in the surrounding area with the help of motion detectors, and cameras mounted at different angles of the car. It will warn the driver if he is exceeding the speed limit, crossing into another lane without signalling, and may even take control of the vehicle in some cases.

Importance of ADAS in cars.

  • Majority of accidents today occurs due to human error. Accidents happen in split seconds; in some cases, the drivers don’t have enough time to react. Accidents like this can be prevented with ADAS technology.
  • It is instrumental especially on the highways where the driver needs to be on full alert at all times.
  • At times, the person behind the wheel may be distracted by a phone call or something happening in the street. This may lead to crossing over to another lane or even collision.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems can identify almost everything parked cars, moving trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • The system takes control of the vehicle if the driver does not respond to its warnings, it can slow down or speed up the car, and self corrects the vehicle’s steering.
  • The driver can override the system anytime he wants to.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems are critical in cities where cars are tightly packed in small spaces. Parking a car in such places can be a challenge for amateur drivers, but with ADAS, it’s an easy task.

Whether you’re in a city with less traffic or on a busy highway, advanced driver assistance systems are here to take your driving experience to a new level.

Windshield Replacement Service Video

Check out our windshield replacement video.

Windshield Repair Service For A Mercedez Benz Car In Scarborough Ontario Canada

Check out our windshield repair video.

How Dangerous is a Cracked Windshield

Cracks on a windshield are common vehicle problems that many people often ignore until it threatens your safety or disfigures the housing of the car. What a lot of people do not realize is that driving with a cracked windshield is very dangerous.

Here are some real dangers that you could get yourself into while driving with a cracked windshield:

1. It is illegal

Driving with a cracked, chipped or broken windshield is a motoring offence. Even though you may not be stopped for it, it still poses the vehicle in a dangerous condition. The Highway Code in Ontario asserts that drivers should have a full and clear view of the road and if the crack is severe, you could get three demerit points on your license.

2. Accidents due to unclear vision

When a break on the windshield obscures the driver’s view, it could create refraction of light and obstruct the view. This could lead to major accidents and put the driver and other passengers at risk.

3. Risks during a crash

A windshield provides safety during a head-on collision. It moves the force of the impact on the chassis and disperses the effects of the crash and protects the passengers in the car. If your windshield is cracked, it will not have the same effect.

4. Risks the roof from caving in

The windshield keeps the integrity of the car together. When there is an accident, and the vehicle rolls over, the windshield prevents the roof from crashing in and causing severe injuries.

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5. Airbag inflating the wrong way

A broken or cracked windshield could result in the airbag inflating towards the windshield instead of the passenger seat. This could risk a passenger’s life and cause significant damages.

It is best to deal with the little cracks and chips on the windshield before it gets bigger to avoid all these risks. It will cost lesser and ensure your safety no matter how rough the conditions get.

Police Writes Ticket For A Cracked Windshield As The Person Was About To Get It Repaired

get your windshield fixed

With every passing day, we lament at the discourse that this world has taken part in. It is easier for people to take in news that sound unfortunate and gone are the days where it was really just black and white. Now, there is just a lot of grey area where some things are just unexplainable, unfathomable and unsolvable.

The Police Should Have Been More Lenient

While we trust the law makers and the law keepers to protect us from the perils of the world, with the current situation, we can’t exactly place a lot of trust in them. We have either been victims or have a friend who has been a victim of such mishaps.

Below is a harrowing tale of an experience by a Nick Berlin which involved his windshield and a cop.

Man gets penalized for a defective vehicle just outside the repair shop:

Nick Berlin had an appointment at 3.30 pm with his auto repair shop for repairing his cracked windshield. The cracked windshield was a result of the mindless action of a person who threw a rock at his windshield. And when things couldn’t get worse than that, he was stopped by a police officer who cited that he was operating an unsafe and a defective vehicle.

That was all true, but we have to remember that Nick was at the parking lot of the auto repair shop for his appointment. Despite having requested the police officer for some leniency, the officer wrote a ticket to Nick just 100 feet away from the repair shop. If he had been 5 minutes early, he could have gone in without the hassle and without the ticket.

At this point, we ask if the police are more interested in garnering revenues rather than assessing a situation with reason and logic. With the above anecdote, it is hard to think otherwise.

Change Your Wiper Blades Yourself And Save a Fortune

changing your wiper blades

Knowing how to do things yourself will save you a fortune as there is always a reward, literally for the labour you put into doing something on your own.

We have all come across that situation where you take your vehicle for a simple oil change and you end up doing more than just oil change. One such man encountered the same experience where the mechanic suggested that he change his wiper blades as well. Each blade cost $12 and in total he had to spend $24. He immediately declined the offer and decided to change the wipers himself.

Getting the right wiper blades:

If you are not an expert and is not sure about what kind of wipers you should get for your vehicle, the best thing to do is to probably ask. All wipers may look the same but be assured that they are not!

It is best to head to a store that sells all kinds of auto parts or you have the option of having an excuse to head to Wal-Mart. There are associates and sales people that can surely assist you in getting the right wiper as long as you just provide the make and model of your vehicle.

There is another thing, if you decide to go to an auto repairs store which is the fact that the associates will change the wipers for free if you purchase them from the store.

How to change the wipers:

  1. Remove the old wipers by lifting the arm of the wiper. Press the tab the separates the wiper and the wiper arm. This will detach the old wipers.
  2. Attach the new wiper blade on the same location from where you detached the old wiper blade.
  3. Test your new wipers.

It is recommended that the wiper blades be replaced every six months or so, which would give you more opportunities to practice.


Cold Temperatures Responsible For Breaking Windshields

cold temperatures responsible for breaking windshields

A man from Indianapolis had an unlikely story to share which involved his windshield. The rear windshield broke while he was sitting inside the car with the defroster on. From a usual point of view, it appeared like as if somebody has thrown a blunt and a heavy object at the windshield, which is a legit reason for the windshield cracking on its own with full force. The only thing missing upon investigation was the object which was ‘responsible’ for the breakage. Later, it turned out that the only culprit was the cold temperatures at that time.

What causes windshields to crack at low temperatures?

The reason is just elementary science. Glass expands and contracts with the fluctuations in temperatures. So, when there is a sudden change in temperature, the rate at which the glass can expand and contract can cause cracks and at certain situations like the man from Indianapolis experienced, it can break fully.

How to avoid windshields from breaking?    

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for cracked or broken windshields, the idea is to never defrost your windshield with hot water. With the sudden and uninvited introduction of hot temperature to the windshield, the glass will expand without warning and it will obviously pop your windshield. The trick is to use a defroster at a moderate temperature so that hot air is introduced gradually and the glass will ease into the surrounding temperature.

It was likely that the man from Indianapolis, who is known by the name Dave Mejean, turned the highest temperature of his windshield and it was probable that the windshield was unable to take the sudden change in temperature.

Besides spending a fortune on changing a windshield, money is not the only concern as glass can provide a danger to the people around it. The impact from the glass can cause serious injuries as well. So, make sure that the ice on the windshield is handled with care.