Hazardous Effects Of Damaged Windshield

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A windshield is probably the last thing that anybody associates with the law. You wouldn’t think there would be any law associated with it, but in reality, it’s the complete adverse of it. In fact, cracked windshields are considered a serious offence in many countries including Canada. This is because a broken windshield can be life-threatening for the driver and the passengers as well, due to limited visibility.

Why A Broken/Damaged Windshield Is Dangerous

The windshield can be considered as the first line of defence of your car. Think about it; the windshield takes all the impact of the extremely dangerous and high-speed winds directly. It also acts as your primary shielding element in case of any unfortunate accidents. Proper and strong windshield, therefore, becomes vital for your security.

A cracked windshield also compromises the physical integrity of your front-end car structure, and this ultimately results in severe injuries in case of any collision, especially front-end collision.

Importance Of Windshield

A professional car racer or someone with a good knowledge of car aerodynamics will tell you how important the windshield is. The windshield apart from protecting you from external environmental weather conditions also plays a crucial role in transferring the front-end impact force to the car chassis. This, in short, allows your car to run more smoothly and stable even at high speeds.

Also one of the key functions of a windshield is that it holds the car’s airbag mechanism in proper place. If your windshield is damaged, the airbag system doesn’t deploy correctly, hence increasing the chances of sustaining serious injuries.

Deal With Broken Windshield Legally

Often times it happens that insurance companies don’t include the windshield damage in their policy. Or in short, they refuse to assist you financially when you have a broken or damaged windshield. It is important for you to know that it is your legal right to claim your car insurance for your broken windshield as well.

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Broken Auto Glass Claims with a Lawyer

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Knowing Your Rights

When you have a broken windshield or when need a replacement or repair

  • It is your right to choose whichever auto glass repair shops suit your preference and not to be dictated by the insurers.
  • If your windshield is broken by accident and it is not your fault, you can request the one responsible for the damage to pay for the repair or replacement. If that is too much, you can negotiate compensation or mediate the situation.
  • You can file an insurance claim with your insurance provider to cover for the damage.

Facing the Challenges

With the numbers and price of windshield replacement and repairs escalating at an alarming rate and provincial courts burdened with pending cases, the pressing need for efficient lawyers is more crucial than ever.

Many insurance companies are handing out a paltry sum of money for insurance claims, and many clients are getting tired of it. The insurers must provide full financial support for the auto glass claim. Otherwise, it becomes a breach of contract which can be settled in court.

Dragging the matter to court for a fair settlement is what most car owners hope for, but that is not the usual case as it takes longer than expected, leaving many frustrated and in debt.

Settling the Matter

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  • We can help you check your insurance coverage and equip you with legal advice,
  • Represent you in court and claim your rights.
  • If you are not satisfied with the judgment of the court, we can further create arbitrations and negotiate the compensation in your favour with the other party within the limitations of the law.
  • The lawyer at Abi Law can introduce a collaborative law to find a settlement that can appease both parties efficiently.

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Women Take On Windshield Repair with Special Programs

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It was men who initially dominated the auto glass repair work, but there have always been women involved in the business. The role of women in the automotive industry is significantly gaining recognition, and some women have even started their independent venture in the auto repair work.

New Programs for Women

Several programs especially target women who are new in the business and also for women who had been there for many years. Two such programs that changed the game for women are Women in Trades and #WomenRockRepair.

#WomenRockRepair is a group that highlights women in the auto glass business. It was established by Shiloh Spoo who was inspired by a friend to specifically focus on women when they noticed that women were overshadowed at the previous years’ Auto Glass Week awards ceremony.

Supportive Establishment

The movement gained momentum, and #WomenRockRepair has since mentored women groups to join and establish them in the windshield repair and replacement industry. This program also sponsors women to compete in the Windshield Repair Competition by sponsoring the entry fees and training them in the business.

The Women in the Trade scholarship program have also been providing support and mentoring women for over a decade. With the initiative to provide scholarships for women wanting to pursue this career, they train and offer opportunities to work with experts. They choose five women every semester and offer them opportunities to further their skills.

The Inspirations

Suzanne Allan who encourages Shiloh Spoo was the first woman to win the Windshield Repair competition in 2018. She claims that her husband inspired her to enter the contest after he won earlier. It was an achievement that opened the possibilities for many other women as well, and she encourages other women to follow their dreams.

Programs such as #WomenRockRepair and Women in the Trade have greatly helped in highlighting the possibilities of any woman and will continue to produce efficient and skilled women in the auto glass industry.

Repair Bills for Minor Collisions on Vehicles with Advanced Safety Systems

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With the advancement in automobile technology, many drivers are finding it hard to maintain the unexpected repair bills even for minor damages in the new models and upgraded old model vehicles.

Reason for the Skyrocketing Prices

According to new research by AAA in Heathrow, the advanced system installed on vehicles is costing twice the amount. Features such as a blind spot monitoring, emergency braking and lane departure warning comes with high expenditure that most vehicle owners are not yet aware of.

Minor collision can cause a financial loss especially when the damaged sensors are located behind the bumpers, windshield and door mirrors. Such repairs could cost over $3000 when professionals do not fix them.

What Vehicle Owners Should Know

It is therefore crucial for the owners to understand the technology, model, performance and cost of the technology that they are using in their vehicles to be financially prepared for maintenance if something should happen to their car.

Location and type of the sensors used in the vehicle and where to find replacement and repair cost are some variables to consider while purchasing or installing safety features in a car. Being informed about the price variable can significantly cut down the cost and duration of repair works.

For standard ADAS repair in Orlando, the price ranges are as follows:

Vehicles with front radar sensors, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking systems cost between $900to $1,300

Cars with rear radar sensors, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring systems cost around $850 to $2,050

If your vehicle supports front camera sensors along with adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane keeping and lane departure warning systems, the cost of repair excluding the cost of windshield replacement will range from $850 to $1900.

Rear camera sensor, side mirror or front mirror along with around-view system would cost $500 to $1,100.

Ultrasonic sensors on the rear or front of the vehicle used with parking assist systems costs between $500 to $1300.

Advance Auto System Increasing Collision Repair Bills

Advance Auto System

The installation of an advanced driving automatic system has dramatically increased the safety of drivers and car owner alike but at a high price to pay.

Why Does Windshield Repair Cost More?

Most vehicles with ADAS has cameras on the windshield, rear or back mirrors and since windshield are mirrors are prone to damage, the cost of replacing and repairing the safety sensors have skyrocketed according to the latest research shown by East Central AAA.

Advanced safety features installed on new models such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure and lane keeping sensors use cameras to detect dangers. They are highly effective in providing safety and easier manoeuvring of vehicles.

Comparing Repair Price

While the cost of repairing or replacing windshield was about $450 to $800, the sensors used by these advanced systems on the windshield makes it harder to maintain them. Since these camera sensors require quality windshield glass and correct installation, the cost of repairing or replacing is bound to rise too.

Minor damages or dents on the bumper, door or cracks on the windshield often require full replacement of the camera sensors as it obscures the accuracy of the image or modifies the system program. The whole system needs recalibration even due to small changes. Therefore the cost of auto glass replacement and repair has gone up to about $1,500 recently.

Preparations For Car Owners

Car owners should understand the kind of technology they are using, made and model of their cars before considering advance safety systems for the vehicle. The can also perform insurance policy check-up to ensure that they can cover for the rising expenses and have some idea about the changes in the cost of repair.

While the chances of collision are minor, accidents do happen and these advanced technologies are sensitive, so car owners are expected to understand that the cost of safety is no longer cheap and repair bills are undeniably and reasonably higher.

windshield technology

A breakthrough in the security and safety of windshield was made by an independent test conducted in the Netherlands at BIOS-groep on May 8, 2018, by the manufacturers of the advanced nanotechnology company of C-Bond Technology.

Why C-Bond?

C-Bond is a scientifically tested auto glass repair product that has been and commercially proven effective in preventing and restoring damages on the vehicle windshield. It is confirmed to have significantly improved the safety, strength and durability of window and glass film products without compromising on the performance.

The Test Process

Thoms Automotive conducted the test for 4 ½ months on 54 vehicle fleet out of which were 20 Tesla X vehicles. C-bond NanoShield was applied to each car and driven for over one million kilometres. They were checked every 14 days for any sign of damage. When the tests were concluded on September 25, 2018, it showed that not one of the windshields required any repair or replacement from any fatalities.

Before the test with C-Bond NanoShield, 54 other vehicles were initially tested. At this experiment, three windshields had to be replaced due to breakage, and it cost a considerable sum of $1800 on the team.

Thom Automotive has now received an order to treat the remaining vehicles with C-Bond NanoShield to prevent further damages on the windshield.

Successfully Tested Proof and Future Hopes

The C-Bond Sytems, Inc., has been trying to establish their reputation as a solid nanotechnology glass and windshield product provider and the success of the recent test has validated their claim on a high investment return for customers. They have lessened the cost of repair and replacement works and claim to have reduced the cost of automobile insurance for any vehicles.

With these proven tests, the proprietors of C-Bond NanoShield hope to raise the value of their products in the automobile industry from their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Auto Glass Cases Clogging Hillsborough Court Rooms at Alarming Rate

auto glass cases

What seems like a simple legal battle over the cost of fixing a broken windshield is turning the Hillsborough courtroom into a clogged room of pending cases. It is causing serious concerns about the efficiency of the court and creating a massive loss for auto repair companies and insurance providers.

The Numbers

Though there are no cases filed specifically under “windshield cases”, the cases are registered under “breach of contract” which covers the auto glass. The cases were initially for $100 to $500, but in recent years, the amount has skyrocketed from $1,265 in 2014 to $4,510 in 2014 which is double the amount and double in numbers.

Hillsborough County has the most significant number of cases in the state even though there is no exact number of claims for windshield as they have to be examined individually.

The Problem

The problem was the result of the car owners giving their insurance rights to the repair company. When insurers receive the repair bills, it is too high for the insurers to cover which leaves the auto repair companies at a loss.

What was supposed to be a case between the insurer and the car owners turns into a legal battle between the insurer and the repair company whose name is attached for the service they provide and the amount they charge.

Auto glass companies have no alternatives but to go to courts and make up for the legal fees and higher premium as well because the insurers do not give them fair treatment.

For auto glass companies the issue lies in the “one-way” attorney fee law which states that the losing party must pay for the winning party’s attorney’s fees which is profitable for the attorney.

The Solution

Many demands that there be legislative reforms for the ‘one-way’ attorney fees as there is evidence that car owners are linking with insurers and owners or officers for profit.

Such cases have risen from 19,695 cases in 2016 to 23,953 cases in 2017 where 61% of the case registered is in Hillsborough County, and it is anticipated to worsen the matter if no legislative reforms are made to eliminate the overuse of “glass’’ and “windshield” in court records.

How Flexible is The Window Tint Law in Pennsylvania

window tint law

The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code prohibits vehicle window tint or sun screening device which does not allow visibility of the vehicle interiors through the windshield, the side or rear windows. There are some exceptions for an automobile or ambulances and car owners with medical conditions.

However, there have been a few instances with citizens like Nathan Freeman who lives in Muhlenberg Township, where traffic cops are being inconsistent with the permitted degree of tint in vehicle windshields and windows because he drives a modified Cadillac.

Claims that cops target modified or attractive looking vehicles more than regular cars and it has dramatically inconvenienced car owners into receiving tickets even for minor mishaps are quite common.

Freeman, 21, also states that traffic cops often harass younger drivers who like modified cars and use tinted glasses just for the physical attractiveness of the vehicle.

According to the law enforcement officials, cops on duty have different agendas. While some like to run radar and check speed, others prefer inspecting licensed and vehicle code violations, including tinted windows. It depends on the cop’s engagement in what he feels is a priority.

The cops find it easier to detect danger when the windows are not overly tinted to obstruct a view of the car interiors.  While this law stands for safety issues, some vehicle owners claim that it is a violation of personal privacy and safety.

Many innocent and law-abiding citizens use tinted windows for several personal reasons, so it seems unfair when the cops regularly target people with no malicious agenda for the type of vehicle they drive.

With the increase in a clash between the motorist and cops on the subject of tinted windows, the need of the hour is advocating common sense to ensure safety and mutual respect.

While it is illegal to have more than 70% of tinted glass installed, the law enforcers should not be too harsh on the motorists for a law that is not uniform in every situation. The travelers, on the other hand, can show some concern for the rules by lowering the windows so that the cops can have a clear view of the inside of the car and steer clear of suspicion and altercations.

10 Causes of Windshield Cracks & How to Avoid It

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One of the foremost and most common problems that car owners face is windshield cracks. There are several reasons for the cause of windshield damage and how to avoid them.

  1. Quality of Glass: Whether it is by the manufacturers or the replacement company, poor quality glass easily crack on bad roads or even on mild impact. The only way to avoid replacing the windshield is never to compromise high-quality windshield for the price.


  1. Installation: Improper installation due to poor craftsmanship and incorrect windshield can cause gaps. Installation by trained technicians with the right equipment and fittings can lessen vibration on the windshield and prevent cracks.


  1. Gravel Road: Debris from gravel road can hit your windshield while you drive through it or from other passing vehicles. Keep a safe distance as much as possible and try to avoid gravel roads under constructions


  1. Temperature: The pressure from extreme hot and cold weather can cause the windshield to expand on contract and cause the glass to crack.


  1. Sunlight: Most common reason for the cause of cracked windshield is extreme heat from the sun because the edges expand faster than the centre. You can avoid this breakage by parking in the shade whenever possible.


  1. Construction Vehicles: Materials like gravel and soil carried by construction vehicles can sometimes spill over on your windshield and cause it to crack. To prevent such incident, drive at a safe distance away from construction vehicles.


  1. Trees: Parking under a tree provides shade but falling broken branches, and hardened fruits from the tree could damage your windshield. It is advisable to park away from trees with fruits and inside a garage.


  1. Hail Stones: When hail falls on the windshield with speed and force, even small hailstones can cause chips and cracks. Driving in the opposite direction at a slower pace and using the wipers prevents severe damage.


  1. Air Pressure by Speeding: Speeding causes a change in pressure and stress on the windshield and forces it to break when it comes in contact with any external objects easily.


  1. Accidents: Unavoidable incidents such as a collision or accidents due to carelessness and sheer coincidence are also responsible for windshield cracks. They can be avoided by parking your car in a safe garage and being careful of your surroundings.

ADAS Car Steers towards Traffic Post Windshield Replacement

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ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) is designed to assist drivers in their lanes and prevent collision with other vehicles or obstructions. It uses several sensors attached to the windshield.

Mike Ash has been driving a 2016 Acura MDX equipped with ADAS for the past few years. When Speedy Glass serviced his car for windshield replacement, Ash was perplexed by the effects it had on the camera. He was nearly steered into traffic zone and barely made it out in time.

What he did not know is that the camera should be recalibrated precisely by a millimeter or two by specialized technicians in various environmental settings to make it safely functional again and avoid collisions.

Initially, Ash was also not instructed by the mechanics of Speedy Glass on how to readjust the camera, nor was he given any hazard warnings.

On checking the disclaimer on the invoice, he found a disclaimer that was discreetly available and contacted the Transport Canada whose spokesperson assured that the windshield would be replaced but not by the manufacturers.

There are many incidents where vehicles with ADAS owners miss the blueprint of the manual and the guide. While the owners’ guide and manual differ sometimes, the disclaimer for readjusting the camera after replacing the original windshield is always available, but not very apparent which sometimes puts the safety of the drivers at risk.

Honda spokesperson, Alen Sadeh, suggest that customers consult the company’s authorized dealers for genuine parts to avert such incidents.

Different servicing centers have different policies and clients should check if they have technicians to recalibrate the camera and if they provide the correct products for the specific vehicle.

On the other hand, vehicle manufacturers and third-party companies should also be more apparent about safety disclaimers as it is the primary component of the whole system. The warnings need to be clear and explicit so that customers do not go risking their lives by trusting the reliability of a safety system.