Augmented Reality Technology Is Coming To The Car Windshield.

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Right now, there are three automotive equipment makers that have presented augmented reality (AR) concepts for the modern automobile. These AR concepts have the potential to greatly increase safety by placing warnings and environmental information on the car windshield. This information will not be distracting because it will highlight objects around the ads on a windshield

Windshield displays that show vehicle information at the bottom of the windshield that is within the driver’s view has gained a lot of interest in recent year. It has already started appearing in various car models and makes. The windshield displays usually show the vehicle speed, GPS directions, allowing the driver to keep their attention on the road without the need to look away. AR is more than just a display technology because it can also utilize gps and sensors to pick out objects in the vehicles environment. It can also call out those objects for the driver. AR can be especially useful in urban environments where there is a lot of traffic, pedestrians and signage that can become overwhelming.

A company that is actively working on making the projection technology is called Continental. This company has partnered up with DigiLens. DigiLens makes compact projectors that feature high-resolution that are typically used for augmented reality glasses. Together with DigiLens technology, Continental can create a windshield display that can cover a larger area of the windshield than current projectors. Thus this new windshield technology can show a variety of sensor-derived information about the vehicles environment. The Continental system is current technology that can now be implemented by an automaker for current models.

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Visteon, which is a company that makes cluster displays and infotainment systems for the automotive industry, showed an example of a sensor-driven windshield display that painted simple graphics on the windshield. In the demo the display simulated driving examples of the road. It showed imagery of other cars on the road, and highlighted potential dangers for the driver. The images were color coded, for example, a red graphic around a vehicle ahead meant that it was braking. It could also highlight people walking on the side of the road.

It is clear that from these AR demonstrations, that the projection technology is now production-ready. The new ideas brought forth by AR windshield technology is exciting, we’re already looking forward to how effective AR will be as a new safety feature.

What’s my deductible?

Getting a ding or chip repaired is often much more affordable than people think. If your auto insurance includes glass coverage, the repair could be free.

The cost of your deductible varies when it comes to a replacement, since it will largely depend on the type of coverage you have. Since there is a wide range of policies, we’ll need to verify yours — and it will only take us a few minutes. If you need to pay deductible fees for your windshield replacement, we will directly collect your payment, so you won’t even have to contact your insurance company.

All you need to do is give WINDAUTOGLASS a quick call. We’ll be happy to explain everything you need to know about claims for damaged or broken glass.

Can WIND AUTO GLASS take care of my insurance claim?

We work closely with most insurance companies, so you only need to make an appointment with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Validating your coverage details and processing the paperwork are just some of the things we do for you, so you don’t need to sweat anything.

Once you schedule your appointment, we will have the proper authorization to proceed with the claim and the repair, so you don’t have to worry about this process at all.


How long will it take?

When you replace your windshield, we need to give our adhesives adequate time to sufficiently cure. This gives your new windshield the strength and stability to perform its important role in the safety system of your car. On average, this means a 60-minute wait time after a windshield replacement.

Most windshield replacements can be completed within three to four hours.

Ask any expert at WINDAUTOGLASS about why these Minimum Drive Away Times are an important part of any windshield replacement or repair we perform.

*Times will vary by vehicle and conditions.

What will it cost?

Getting a ding or chip repaired is often much more affordable than people think. If your auto insurance includes glass coverage, the repair could be free.

The cost of a replacement will largely depend on the type of windshield your vehicle requires. Since there are many different vehicles driven on Canadian roads, the range of costs can be wide-ranging.

All you need to do is give WINDAUTOGLASS a quick call or do online free quote. Once we know your vehicle’s make, model and year, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate quickly and easily.

Window Tinting In The Greater Toronto Area

What is window tint (or window film) and what’s the benefit?

Window tint is a thin layer of film applied to your car’s windows for various reasons. Young drivers prefer to install window tint because it makes your car look cool and it does. The other great advantages of installing window tint is prevent sun heating up the interior of your car, keep theives from identifying expensive valuables in your car, block sun rays, and lastly the tint layer will prevent your window from shattering into small pieces (if collision occurs).

How much heat can protective window tint reflect from the window?

Generally, this depends on the type of film you install on your car but on average the tint protects 80% of heat.

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How To Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance

How To Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance

Chipped, cracked, and broken windshields are among the most common car repairs. Pebbles, vandalism, falling branches, animals, and even sand and gravel can damage your windshield.

This page will review ways to pay for auto glass replacement and repair using car insurance.

Understand Glass Coverage

If your windshield (or other glass, e.g., side windows, rear window, or sunroof) is damaged by something other than a collision, you’ll likely pay for it using comprehensive coverage. However, understand that this coverage is optional and if you don’t have it, you may be on your own when it comes time to pay for repairs.

Comprehensive coverage typically pays for damages occurring from:

  • Storms.
  • Fires.
  • Vandalism.
  • Animal collisions.

Check to see whether your car insurance company includes windshield repair and replacement in your comprehensive coverage.

Even if you read the words “auto glass repair,” inquire if it is all-inclusive. Auto glass replacement on some comprehensive coverage plans only covers the side and back windows, but not the windshield. Readmore

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Auto Glass Repair Scarborough

auto glass repair scarborough

Auto Glass Repair Scarborough Services

auto glass repair scarborough

Auto Glass Repair Scarborough Picture

Your auto glass is very important to the safety of you as the driver, and your valued passengers. If you live in the Scarborough area and you are needing the glass on your car repaired, we recommend that you give Wind Auto Glass a call today. Our auto glass repair Scarborough service is very accessible to you because we will come to you wherever you are to do the repairs or replacement. It does not matter how small the chip or crack may be, if your vehicle is in motion and going over the bumps in the road, that could result in your glass breaking at any moment. If you are work or at home, our professional technicians can come to you and do the required repairs and replacements. You will not have to compromise your daily routine because our convenient service can come meet you. Our auto glass repair Scarborough service not only meets the standards of the customer, but also the standards and expectations of the auto industry.

In order to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, any chipped, cracked, scratched, or broken glass should be repaired immediately. Our professional technicians are capable with repairing and replacing glass in all kinds of vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, and even recreational vehicles. Once we have seen the damage to your vehicles glass and have determined how severe it is, we will consult with you as to the next course of action. If we have determined that the damage to your glass is severe enough that it hinders your safety, we will let you know that a replacement is in your best interest. Also, if it is determined to be severe damage, you can be sure that we will offer you the lowest price possible for the work.

When the glass in your vehicle is damaged, you should want a company that is experienced with repairing and replacing glass from the sunroof, windshield, back glass, and all side door glass. Wind Auto Glass has been servicing the residents in Scarborough since 2006, and once we meet with you on site and assess the damage to your glass, we will be able to walk you through the repair process from start to finish.

If you are living in the Scarborough area, and you have experienced some auto glass trauma to your vehicle, we recommend that you give Wind Auto Glass a call today. Auto glass repair Scarborough is made easy with our experienced and professional technicians, and we can come to wherever you are to do the repair or replacement. We will walk you through the process and offer you the best value in price; you won’t have to sacrifice your daily routine either! If you would like to know more about auto glass repair Scarborough please give us a call or email us, you can also check out our services on our website.