Auto Glass Cases Clogging Hillsborough Court Rooms at Alarming Rate

auto glass cases

What seems like a simple legal battle over the cost of fixing a broken windshield is turning the Hillsborough courtroom into a clogged room of pending cases. It is causing serious concerns about the efficiency of the court and creating a massive loss for auto repair companies and insurance providers.

The Numbers

Though there are no cases filed specifically under “windshield cases”, the cases are registered under “breach of contract” which covers the auto glass. The cases were initially for $100 to $500, but in recent years, the amount has skyrocketed from $1,265 in 2014 to $4,510 in 2014 which is double the amount and double in numbers.

Hillsborough County has the most significant number of cases in the state even though there is no exact number of claims for windshield as they have to be examined individually.

The Problem

The problem was the result of the car owners giving their insurance rights to the repair company. When insurers receive the repair bills, it is too high for the insurers to cover which leaves the auto repair companies at a loss.

What was supposed to be a case between the insurer and the car owners turns into a legal battle between the insurer and the repair company whose name is attached for the service they provide and the amount they charge.

Auto glass companies have no alternatives but to go to courts and make up for the legal fees and higher premium as well because the insurers do not give them fair treatment.

For auto glass companies the issue lies in the “one-way” attorney fee law which states that the losing party must pay for the winning party’s attorney’s fees which is profitable for the attorney.

The Solution

Many demands that there be legislative reforms for the ‘one-way’ attorney fees as there is evidence that car owners are linking with insurers and owners or officers for profit.

Such cases have risen from 19,695 cases in 2016 to 23,953 cases in 2017 where 61% of the case registered is in Hillsborough County, and it is anticipated to worsen the matter if no legislative reforms are made to eliminate the overuse of “glass’’ and “windshield” in court records.

How Flexible is The Window Tint Law in Pennsylvania

window tint law

The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code prohibits vehicle window tint or sun screening device which does not allow visibility of the vehicle interiors through the windshield, the side or rear windows. There are some exceptions for an automobile or ambulances and car owners with medical conditions.

However, there have been a few instances with citizens like Nathan Freeman who lives in Muhlenberg Township, where traffic cops are being inconsistent with the permitted degree of tint in vehicle windshields and windows because he drives a modified Cadillac.

Claims that cops target modified or attractive looking vehicles more than regular cars and it has dramatically inconvenienced car owners into receiving tickets even for minor mishaps are quite common.

Freeman, 21, also states that traffic cops often harass younger drivers who like modified cars and use tinted glasses just for the physical attractiveness of the vehicle.

According to the law enforcement officials, cops on duty have different agendas. While some like to run radar and check speed, others prefer inspecting licensed and vehicle code violations, including tinted windows. It depends on the cop’s engagement in what he feels is a priority.

The cops find it easier to detect danger when the windows are not overly tinted to obstruct a view of the car interiors.  While this law stands for safety issues, some vehicle owners claim that it is a violation of personal privacy and safety.

Many innocent and law-abiding citizens use tinted windows for several personal reasons, so it seems unfair when the cops regularly target people with no malicious agenda for the type of vehicle they drive.

With the increase in a clash between the motorist and cops on the subject of tinted windows, the need of the hour is advocating common sense to ensure safety and mutual respect.

While it is illegal to have more than 70% of tinted glass installed, the law enforcers should not be too harsh on the motorists for a law that is not uniform in every situation. The travelers, on the other hand, can show some concern for the rules by lowering the windows so that the cops can have a clear view of the inside of the car and steer clear of suspicion and altercations.

10 Causes of Windshield Cracks & How to Avoid It

avoiding windshield cracks

One of the foremost and most common problems that car owners face is windshield cracks. There are several reasons for the cause of windshield damage and how to avoid them.

  1. Quality of Glass: Whether it is by the manufacturers or the replacement company, poor quality glass easily crack on bad roads or even on mild impact. The only way to avoid replacing the windshield is never to compromise high-quality windshield for the price.


  1. Installation: Improper installation due to poor craftsmanship and incorrect windshield can cause gaps. Installation by trained technicians with the right equipment and fittings can lessen vibration on the windshield and prevent cracks.


  1. Gravel Road: Debris from gravel road can hit your windshield while you drive through it or from other passing vehicles. Keep a safe distance as much as possible and try to avoid gravel roads under constructions


  1. Temperature: The pressure from extreme hot and cold weather can cause the windshield to expand on contract and cause the glass to crack.


  1. Sunlight: Most common reason for the cause of cracked windshield is extreme heat from the sun because the edges expand faster than the centre. You can avoid this breakage by parking in the shade whenever possible.


  1. Construction Vehicles: Materials like gravel and soil carried by construction vehicles can sometimes spill over on your windshield and cause it to crack. To prevent such incident, drive at a safe distance away from construction vehicles.


  1. Trees: Parking under a tree provides shade but falling broken branches, and hardened fruits from the tree could damage your windshield. It is advisable to park away from trees with fruits and inside a garage.


  1. Hail Stones: When hail falls on the windshield with speed and force, even small hailstones can cause chips and cracks. Driving in the opposite direction at a slower pace and using the wipers prevents severe damage.


  1. Air Pressure by Speeding: Speeding causes a change in pressure and stress on the windshield and forces it to break when it comes in contact with any external objects easily.


  1. Accidents: Unavoidable incidents such as a collision or accidents due to carelessness and sheer coincidence are also responsible for windshield cracks. They can be avoided by parking your car in a safe garage and being careful of your surroundings.

ADAS Car Steers towards Traffic Post Windshield Replacement

car windows

ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) is designed to assist drivers in their lanes and prevent collision with other vehicles or obstructions. It uses several sensors attached to the windshield.

Mike Ash has been driving a 2016 Acura MDX equipped with ADAS for the past few years. When Speedy Glass serviced his car for windshield replacement, Ash was perplexed by the effects it had on the camera. He was nearly steered into traffic zone and barely made it out in time.

What he did not know is that the camera should be recalibrated precisely by a millimeter or two by specialized technicians in various environmental settings to make it safely functional again and avoid collisions.

Initially, Ash was also not instructed by the mechanics of Speedy Glass on how to readjust the camera, nor was he given any hazard warnings.

On checking the disclaimer on the invoice, he found a disclaimer that was discreetly available and contacted the Transport Canada whose spokesperson assured that the windshield would be replaced but not by the manufacturers.

There are many incidents where vehicles with ADAS owners miss the blueprint of the manual and the guide. While the owners’ guide and manual differ sometimes, the disclaimer for readjusting the camera after replacing the original windshield is always available, but not very apparent which sometimes puts the safety of the drivers at risk.

Honda spokesperson, Alen Sadeh, suggest that customers consult the company’s authorized dealers for genuine parts to avert such incidents.

Different servicing centers have different policies and clients should check if they have technicians to recalibrate the camera and if they provide the correct products for the specific vehicle.

On the other hand, vehicle manufacturers and third-party companies should also be more apparent about safety disclaimers as it is the primary component of the whole system. The warnings need to be clear and explicit so that customers do not go risking their lives by trusting the reliability of a safety system.

ICBC Cost-Saving Changes Agitate Auto Glass Shops

auto glass replacement

cost saving on windshield repairs

ICBC, the crown corporation for auto insurance in British Colombia made a recent announcement to change their policy for auto glass insurance.

The changes include raising car insurance by 25 per cent which would adversely affect the income of the car windshield manufacturers and repair companies.

Mc Cormack, President of Automotive Retailers Association (ARA), stated that the hike was implemented without consulting the ARA and that the policy would require repairing companies to use least expensive, low-quality windshield for replacement as it is losing its income.

The change implies that hundreds of windshield repairing businesses would be losing more than 5% of their cut. Some smaller companies would even be reduced to zero profit, leading to business closing down and laying off employees.

The shortage of employees would then affect the efficiency of the business and the quality of repair. Lower income would mean a cheaper variety of windshield and longer duration for vehicle owners to go without their cars. But these claims made by the group representative of auto glass repair shops were counteracted by ICBC.

While using cheap windshield would affect the insurance of vehicle owners, ICBC will be gaining the lion’s share of the profit. In return, the number of windshields that need repair and replacement will increase and run customers at a loss.

ICBC has been struggling financially and had been aiming to recover the $40 million and $96 million they had lost in glass repair and replacement in the year 2008 and 2017 respectively.  But the implementation of such policy is atrocious for windshield business as they will be the main losers.

Many business owners like Kelly Fleming from Sun Creek Class in Surrey have no other option but the hard decision of laying off skilled employees, cutting down expenses and is losing sleep over it.

However, the spokesperson for David Eby’s ministry stated that by increasing the savings of ICBC, the pressure on auto insurance rates for vehicle owners would reduce and stabilize the financial status of ICBC.

Replacing Windshield Damage in the Heat

auto glass repair vaughan

windshield repair picture

Replacing a windshield is expensive, and usually, time-consuming, so most car owners prefer to ignore a small chip or crack. However, this can be dangerous when you leave it unattended overtime, especially with the consequence of weathering.

Glass tends to expand and contract with the application of heat or cold waves. When you keep a car locked in hot weather, pressure tends to build up inside and the little crack or chip gets aggravated and eventually requires a full replacement. In extreme heat, the only way the hot air in the car can escape will be through the cracked windshield as it is most vulnerable to breakage.

The best option is to repair the cracked windshield immediately to prevent additional cost and problems with the traffic law. However, when constrained by time, finance or convenience, parking the car in the shade as much as possible prevents further damage. Another tip to avoid more damage is to keep the windows slightly open to relieve some of the pressure and refrain from power washing and massive impact with external objects.

Usually, the fixable size of a crack is about the length of a dollar bill. If the damage is more significant than that, you will have to replace the windshield entirely but modifying the original structure of the vehicle can sometimes change the quality of the car.

However, if it is of a repairable size, the employees at Wind Auto Glass are equipped with the latest windshield repairing technology that repairs glass without altering the integrity of the windshield.

Wind Auto Glass rescheduled the working routine of the staffs especially for the safety of the clients in summer. By changing the timing to 6 A.M. till early afternoon, it keeps the employees out of the scorching.  The early servicing hours also made an immense improvement on quality of windshield replacement, repair and installation in the heat without altering the structure and safety of the vehicle.

Windshield Technology – The Advanced Driver Assistance System

windshield technology


ADAS is a safety and convenience application installed in modern cars that were first introduced in 2010 by car manufacturers. They feature a sophisticated system that assists drivers while driving or parking the car. There are three different levels of the autonomy hierarchy given by the Society of Automotive Engineers, depending on the features of the system, with Level 2 being the most common.

With ADAS becoming a standard in almost all modern cars, companies have now developed different types based on how they interact with the automotive anatomy of different vehicles.

The different types of ADAS that have evolved with technology are:

  1. Lane Keep Assistant (LKA) this system works to keep the vehicle in the right lane by notifying the driver about switching lanes without using the indicator. If the car continues to drift, it responds by automatically steering it within the lane.
  2. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) this is one of the first feature offered by ADAS which alerts the driver through a vibration on the steering wheel or the driver seat when the car unintentionally drifts away from the detected lane without activating the turn signal.
  3. Forward Collision Alert (FCA) it is an alert system that warns the driver through visual or audio when it senses that the vehicle is at risk of collision because it is too close to another car, a walk or an obstruction.
  4. Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). The warnings are triggered when it senses an impending collision so that the driver can take necessary measures and the system will automatically apply brakes to avoid it.
  5. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) the system allows you to keep a continuous pace and at a safe distance from the vehicles in front and behind by adapting to the car speed.

This system work by relying on a camera attached to the windshield. The precision of installing the camera on the windshield plays a vital role in predicting the accuracy and efficiency of the ADAS, so it is significant that professionals correctly secure the windscreen.

There are two ways of installing and calibrating ADAS windshield cameras. Depending on the make or model, you may need a dynamic, static or a combination of both calibration and they require specialised tools and under a controlled environment.

The ADAS certified technicians at Wind Auto Glass have all the electronic devices required for precise installation. We make sure that it is in perfect condition by testing it under different weather conditions. We strictly follow each instruction for the calibration while keeping the integrity of the car and at reasonable rates to offer you the best services and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

For any information or consultation regarding your windshield and installing the ADAS, feel free to drop in at our garage.

Fiber Fix Repair Tool That Can Seal Windshield Cracks

This is the fiberfix tool, a do it yourself tool that can help people fix small cracks in their cars windshield. This product can also be used to reinforce weak joins and crumbling old plastic. The small do it yourself tasks can be hard to do. For example if you’re car windshield gets chipped, you can use the Fiberfix diy repair tool to fix the damage in a matter of minutes. This cool new innovative tool uses a sticky resin that can seal, build, and bond, with over 2000 lbs of power. Right now you can get the Fiberfix two pack repair tool for the low price of $14.99. Not a bad deal for a tool that allows users to quickly fix up small cracks in a windshield.

No Special Skills Needed

Another great thing about this product is that you don’t need trained skills to operate it. The precision nozzle can be used to apply the resin like glue. You can manipulate the Fiberfix resin to be molded to form a new surface. For this reason you can fill in the cracks, as well as protect exposed wiring. The resin is a very powerful substance that can be used strengthen weak joins and old plastic.

The resin sticks to pretty much all surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. It cures when its in the air, however you can speed up the process by using the UV light on the Fiberfix tool. Once the resin sets in it can be sanded to a nice smooth finish.
To learn more about this product watch the video posted below!

Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan

truck windshield repair vaughan

Top Causes of Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan

Do you own a truck in Vaughan, Ontario? The city now has a population of over 306,000 (2016) and has become one of the biggest cities in the Toronto metro area. This has resulted in changes in more traffic and a greater need for auto repairs.

A Fast-Growing City
Vaughan was Canada’s fastest-growing municipality from the decade of 1996 to 2006 and experienced an 80% growth rate in its population. The city has become the fifth biggest city in the Great Toronto Area as well as one of the top-20 largest cities in Canada. This has resulted in changes to the area like heavier traffic and an increased need for auto repairs including windshield repairs.

Reasons to get Truck Windshield Repair Vaughan Services
Why would you need truck windshield repair Vaughan service? There are several causes of windshield damage and here are some of the main ones:

1. Construction Vehicles
Driving behind construction vehicles is one of the main causes of cracked windshields in any big Canadian city. There’s a chance that the debris stuck on the construction vehicle like dirt, rocks, and even tools. So it’s important to drive a safe distance to keep your truck safe from flying debris that could fly towards your truck’s windshield.

2. Bad Installation
There’s also a chance your Vaughan truck has a windshield that involved poor installation. In that case, the quality of the windshield might be good but the problem is the installation. This can result in windshield vibrating when you drive on a highway or there’s a strong wind. The vibration can cause a crack in the windshield.

A repair person will likely have to reinstall the windshield or even replace it in some cases. It’s important to pick a quality windshield installation service in Vaughan in order to get the best results.

3. Gravel Roads
When you drive your truck down a gravel road in Vaughan there’s a chance your vehicle could kick up debris that hits and cracks your windshield. It’s important to note that the cracks usually happen due to the vehicles in front of you. So it’s important to drive at a safe distance when you’re going down a gravel road in particular. This will help to protect your truck from flying/spinning pebbles.

4. Auto Accident
You might need windshield repair for your truck following an auto accident that involves your vehicle. This can involve accidents with other vehicles. Another possibility is things like baseballs or rocks accidentally hitting your windshield. You can avoid this situation by parking your truck in a garage.

5. Bad Construction
Sometimes the truck windshield repair Vaughan service was simply made poorly. In that case, a small strain can result in the sheet of glass being damaged. In this case, the problem is with the windshield itself so the best option is to replace the entire unit. If you don’t take that step there’s a chance patchwork will just be a short-term fix and you could need more repairs in the future. When picking a new windshield to make sure to select a quality one to prevent future repairs.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

mobile windshield replacement vaughan

Top Benefits of Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

Are you looking for window replacement services in Vaughan, Ontario? If so then you should definitely consider mobile windshield replacement Vaughan. That’s because it provides the convenience of the auto shop going to you instead of you going to the auto shop.

A More Mobile City

Vaughan has sky-rocketed in recent decades and especially from 1996 to 2006. That’s when it became the fastest-growing municipality throughout Canada. The city’s growth has made it the fifth largest city in the Toronto metro area and increased the number of vehicles on the city’s streets and highways.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Vaughan

If you’re looking for windshield replacement services you should consider mobile services. Here are some of the main benefits:

1. Convenience
When you need your windshield replaced quickly due to an accident, for example, it’s much easier when the company can send out a repair truck to your location. This prevents the need to transport your vehicle to the auto glass shop. That can be a tough task in certain situations depending on your location. A mobile windshield replacement Vaughan service can get a repair person out to your location so the process is much easier.

2. Cost
You should expect to pay somewhat higher rates for mobile services like windshield replacement. Is it worthwhile? Instead of just considering the price tag you should also factor in the opportunity cost. If you miss important meetings during the day because of a damaged windshield you could end up losing a lot of possible revenue. Meanwhile, if a mobile service can fix your windshield and get you back on the road the higher cost can definitely be worthwhile.

3. Time
Time can be of the essence when you need to do auto repairs. For example, if your vehicle’s windshield is damaged and you have to get to an important meeting it could take half a day to get to the auto glass repair shop and get the glass repaired. A mobile windshield replacement service can help to save you lots of time. That’s because the company’s truck will go to your current location and replace the windshield in a super-fast time. This will make the process quicker and more efficient, which are definitely pluses when getting auto glass work done.

4. Quality
You might be wondering about the quality of installation provided by a mobile windshield replacement service. In fact, the installation is often just as good as the job done in the auto glass shop. That’s why this is definitely an option you should consider. When installing a new windshield the quality of the installation is definitely one of the main issues to consider.

5. Inventory
Another benefit when using a mobile service is you’ll be able to access the company’s entire inventory of windshields. That will make it easier to find the right glass for your vehicle’s make and model. The only difference is that you’ll get the windshield replaced where you’re located instead of needing to travel to the auto glass shop. The latter option requires more time, effort, and money.