Advance Auto System Increasing Collision Repair Bills

The installation of an advanced driving automatic system has dramatically increased the safety of drivers and car owner alike but at a high price to pay.

Why Does Windshield Repair Cost More?

Most vehicles with ADAS has cameras on the windshield, rear or back mirrors and since windshield are mirrors are prone to damage, the cost of replacing and repairing the safety sensors have skyrocketed according to the latest research shown by East Central AAA.

Advanced safety features installed on new models such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure and lane keeping sensors use cameras to detect dangers. They are highly effective in providing safety and easier manoeuvring of vehicles.

Comparing Repair Price

While the cost of repairing or replacing windshield was about $450 to $800, the sensors used by these advanced systems on the windshield makes it harder to maintain them. Since these camera sensors require quality windshield glass and correct installation, the cost of repairing or replacing is bound to rise too.

Minor damages or dents on the bumper, door or cracks on the windshield often require full replacement of the camera sensors as it obscures the accuracy of the image or modifies the system program. The whole system needs recalibration even due to small changes. Therefore the cost of auto glass replacement and repair has gone up to about $1,500 recently.

Preparations For Car Owners

Car owners should understand the kind of technology they are using, made and model of their cars before considering advance safety systems for the vehicle. The can also perform insurance policy check-up to ensure that they can cover for the rising expenses and have some idea about the changes in the cost of repair.

While the chances of collision are minor, accidents do happen and these advanced technologies are sensitive, so car owners are expected to understand that the cost of safety is no longer cheap and repair bills are undeniably and reasonably higher.