10 Causes of Windshield Cracks & How to Avoid It

avoiding windshield cracks

One of the foremost and most common problems that car owners face is windshield cracks. There are several reasons for the cause of windshield damage and how to avoid them.

  1. Quality of Glass: Whether it is by the manufacturers or the replacement company, poor quality glass easily crack on bad roads or even on mild impact. The only way to avoid replacing the windshield is never to compromise high-quality windshield for the price.


  1. Installation: Improper installation due to poor craftsmanship and incorrect windshield can cause gaps. Installation by trained technicians with the right equipment and fittings can lessen vibration on the windshield and prevent cracks.


  1. Gravel Road: Debris from gravel road can hit your windshield while you drive through it or from other passing vehicles. Keep a safe distance as much as possible and try to avoid gravel roads under constructions


  1. Temperature: The pressure from extreme hot and cold weather can cause the windshield to expand on contract and cause the glass to crack.


  1. Sunlight: Most common reason for the cause of cracked windshield is extreme heat from the sun because the edges expand faster than the centre. You can avoid this breakage by parking in the shade whenever possible.


  1. Construction Vehicles: Materials like gravel and soil carried by construction vehicles can sometimes spill over on your windshield and cause it to crack. To prevent such incident, drive at a safe distance away from construction vehicles.


  1. Trees: Parking under a tree provides shade but falling broken branches, and hardened fruits from the tree could damage your windshield. It is advisable to park away from trees with fruits and inside a garage.


  1. Hail Stones: When hail falls on the windshield with speed and force, even small hailstones can cause chips and cracks. Driving in the opposite direction at a slower pace and using the wipers prevents severe damage.


  1. Air Pressure by Speeding: Speeding causes a change in pressure and stress on the windshield and forces it to break when it comes in contact with any external objects easily.


  1. Accidents: Unavoidable incidents such as a collision or accidents due to carelessness and sheer coincidence are also responsible for windshield cracks. They can be avoided by parking your car in a safe garage and being careful of your surroundings.