Replacing Windshield Damage in the Heat

windshield repair picture

Replacing a windshield is expensive, and usually, time-consuming, so most car owners prefer to ignore a small chip or crack. However, this can be dangerous when you leave it unattended overtime, especially with the consequence of weathering.

Glass tends to expand and contract with the application of heat or cold waves. When you keep a car locked in hot weather, pressure tends to build up inside and the little crack or chip gets aggravated and eventually requires a full replacement. In extreme heat, the only way the hot air in the car can escape will be through the cracked windshield as it is most vulnerable to breakage.

The best option is to repair the cracked windshield immediately to prevent additional cost and problems with the traffic law. However, when constrained by time, finance or convenience, parking the car in the shade as much as possible prevents further damage. Another tip to avoid more damage is to keep the windows slightly open to relieve some of the pressure and refrain from power washing and massive impact with external objects.

Usually, the fixable size of a crack is about the length of a dollar bill. If the damage is more significant than that, you will have to replace the windshield entirely but modifying the original structure of the vehicle can sometimes change the quality of the car.

However, if it is of a repairable size, the employees at Wind Auto Glass are equipped with the latest windshield repairing technology that repairs glass without altering the integrity of the windshield.

Wind Auto Glass rescheduled the working routine of the staffs especially for the safety of the clients in summer. By changing the timing to 6 A.M. till early afternoon, it keeps the employees out of the scorching.  The early servicing hours also made an immense improvement on quality of windshield replacement, repair and installation in the heat without altering the structure and safety of the vehicle.