Preparing Your Car for the Winters

With the chilly winters fast approaching in central North Carolina, many vehicles owners are warned to take extra precautions to prevent their vehicles from extreme weather damages and for road safety.

Here are essential tips to better prepare for the snowfall which is expected to create dangerous sleet, frosting and ice.

Clearing the View

It is essential to ensure that the driver has a clear view of the road. The outside and the inside of the windshield should be wiped clean with a snow scraper or brush to remove the accumulated snow.

Clearing a Fogged Windshield

When the windshield of the car remains closed, it gets fogged from within the vehicle. Wipe the fogged windshield for temporary clarity but to keep the windows from fogging again, turn on the defroster upwards so warm up the windshield.

If you are unfamiliar with your car appliances, the defroster is indicated by an icon with three curved arrows on the dashboard. Once the windshield is clear, turn the heat towards your convenient direction to heat the rest of the interiors of the car.

Check Wiper and Wiper Blades

While defrosting the windshield, ensure that the windshield wiper is also in proper condition. Check for worn-out of chipped wiper blades to prevent streaking the windshield which makes it vulnerable to breakage in extreme heat or cold weather.

Under the Hood

Battery life: make sure that you have a powered battery to prevent trouble while starting the engine.

Check Radiators: Radiators should be checked and flushed within two years to keep the coolant and antifreeze running.

Refill washer fluid: clear washer fluid makes the wiper blades useless in cleaning the grit from the windshield.


Ensure that the tyre pressure and thread are in top condition so that the car can thread through snow-covered areas with ease and that the thread is conditioned well to grasp enough traction on slippery roads.

Lastly, check your exhaust and have an emergency kit with winter supplies in the car along with snacks, food, coat, gloves and a blanket in case you find someone stuck in the cold.