Cold Weather Car Hacks

Running late for work but you still have to waste ten to fifteen minutes to get your car engine working or scrape the snow from your windshield? The winters make it terrible for people in a rush. Instead of doing the daily heat blasting and scraping, here are useful hacks for your car in the cold weather.

Frozen Car Lock

If you are in an emergency and you try to rush but find that the lock is frozen, use a hand sanitizer to rub in on your car keys and the keyhole. Leave it for a few seconds; wipe it away to prevent the paint job from chipping.

You can also use a lighter to warm the keys, insert in the keyhole, let the heat melt the frost and you are good to go!

Defrosting the Windshield

Before you park your car, wipe the windshield with warm wax and rub it clean. Once you start defrosting, the windscreen will remain clear, and the wax will prevent it from getting fogged again and again.

Unfogging the Windshields

Collect silica gel packets from packaged food and clothing. Scatter them close to the windshield or windows to absorb moisture and smell.

Preventing Frosty Side View Mirrors

Cover the side view mirrors with gallon bags and leave them overnight. You can easily remove the frosted bag, wipe off the residue and quickly drive away with defrosted mirrors.

Slippery Path

Spreading cat litter on the track will absorb the moisture on the trail and give you some traction to move the car. If you don’t have cat litter in handy, use your car mat over the slippery area for adhesion.

Defrosting the Windshield

Keep a mixture of one part water and three parts vinegar to spray on the windscreen and remove stubborn ice stuck on the car.

Extra Tips

Never use hot water to defrost the ice on your car as it will crack the glass or paint and brittle the metal parts.

Always heat your engine for a few seconds to warm the battery before driving off.