Independent Test ON Tesla X Vehicles Show C-Bond NanoShield System Reduce Windshield Damage in Netherlands

A breakthrough in the security and safety of windshield was made by an independent test conducted in the Netherlands at BIOS-groep on May 8, 2018, by the manufacturers of the advanced nanotechnology company of C-Bond Technology.

Why C-Bond?

C-Bond is a scientifically tested auto glass repair product that has been and commercially proven effective in preventing and restoring damages on the vehicle windshield. It is confirmed to have significantly improved the safety, strength and durability of window and glass film products without compromising on the performance.

The Test Process

Thoms Automotive conducted the test for 4 ½ months on 54 vehicle fleet out of which were 20 Tesla X vehicles. C-bond NanoShield was applied to each car and driven for over one million kilometres. They were checked every 14 days for any sign of damage. When the tests were concluded on September 25, 2018, it showed that not one of the windshields required any repair or replacement from any fatalities.

Before the test with C-Bond NanoShield, 54 other vehicles were initially tested. At this experiment, three windshields had to be replaced due to breakage, and it cost a considerable sum of $1800 on the team.

Thom Automotive has now received an order to treat the remaining vehicles with C-Bond NanoShield to prevent further damages on the windshield.

Successfully Tested Proof and Future Hopes

The C-Bond Sytems, Inc., has been trying to establish their reputation as a solid nanotechnology glass and windshield product provider and the success of the recent test has validated their claim on a high investment return for customers. They have lessened the cost of repair and replacement works and claim to have reduced the cost of automobile insurance for any vehicles.

With these proven tests, the proprietors of C-Bond NanoShield hope to raise the value of their products in the automobile industry from their headquarters in Houston, Texas.