Change Your Wiper Blades Yourself And Save a Fortune

changing your wiper blades

Knowing how to do things yourself will save you a fortune as there is always a reward, literally for the labour you put into doing something on your own.

We have all come across that situation where you take your vehicle for a simple oil change and you end up doing more than just oil change. One such man encountered the same experience where the mechanic suggested that he change his wiper blades as well. Each blade cost $12 and in total he had to spend $24. He immediately declined the offer and decided to change the wipers himself.

Getting the right wiper blades:

If you are not an expert and is not sure about what kind of wipers you should get for your vehicle, the best thing to do is to probably ask. All wipers may look the same but be assured that they are not!

It is best to head to a store that sells all kinds of auto parts or you have the option of having an excuse to head to Wal-Mart. There are associates and sales people that can surely assist you in getting the right wiper as long as you just provide the make and model of your vehicle.

There is another thing, if you decide to go to an auto repairs store which is the fact that the associates will change the wipers for free if you purchase them from the store.

How to change the wipers:

  1. Remove the old wipers by lifting the arm of the wiper. Press the tab the separates the wiper and the wiper arm. This will detach the old wipers.
  2. Attach the new wiper blade on the same location from where you detached the old wiper blade.
  3. Test your new wipers.

It is recommended that the wiper blades be replaced every six months or so, which would give you more opportunities to practice.


Augmented Reality Technology Is Coming To The Car Windshield.

digital ads on a windshield


Right now, there are three automotive equipment makers that have presented augmented reality (AR) concepts for the modern automobile. These AR concepts have the potential to greatly increase safety by placing warnings and environmental information on the car windshield. This information will not be distracting because it will highlight objects around the ads on a windshield

Windshield displays that show vehicle information at the bottom of the windshield that is within the driver’s view has gained a lot of interest in recent year. It has already started appearing in various car models and makes. The windshield displays usually show the vehicle speed, GPS directions, allowing the driver to keep their attention on the road without the need to look away. AR is more than just a display technology because it can also utilize gps and sensors to pick out objects in the vehicles environment. It can also call out those objects for the driver. AR can be especially useful in urban environments where there is a lot of traffic, pedestrians and signage that can become overwhelming.

A company that is actively working on making the projection technology is called Continental. This company has partnered up with DigiLens. DigiLens makes compact projectors that feature high-resolution that are typically used for augmented reality glasses. Together with DigiLens technology, Continental can create a windshield display that can cover a larger area of the windshield than current projectors. Thus this new windshield technology can show a variety of sensor-derived information about the vehicles environment. The Continental system is current technology that can now be implemented by an automaker for current models.

windshield display technology

Visteon, which is a company that makes cluster displays and infotainment systems for the automotive industry, showed an example of a sensor-driven windshield display that painted simple graphics on the windshield. In the demo the display simulated driving examples of the road. It showed imagery of other cars on the road, and highlighted potential dangers for the driver. The images were color coded, for example, a red graphic around a vehicle ahead meant that it was braking. It could also highlight people walking on the side of the road.

It is clear that from these AR demonstrations, that the projection technology is now production-ready. The new ideas brought forth by AR windshield technology is exciting, we’re already looking forward to how effective AR will be as a new safety feature.