The Complexities of Windshield Replacement

windshield replacement toronto ontario canada

windshield replacement toronto ontario canada

The modern car has a windshield that is highly advanced and intuitive. The introduction of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS has bought many advantages, including safety, convenience, and simply the joy of driving.

However, on the flip side, replacing a cracked windshield or calibrating one has become more complex and expensive. Although we realize that increased safety, as well as access to innovative technology, comes at a price, at times, it can be more than a mere nuisance.

Take a look at why windshield replacement with an ADAS is proving to be more complex and pricey than most people imagine

1. Replacement, as well as calibration, can only be done at registered car dealerships. Apart from their exclusivity, there is only a handful, and they are not available everywhere.
2. Discounted glass or service is not always quality. When it comes to ADAS windshield, the performance is directly proportional to the price.
3. Some insurance companies do not cover the replacement. On the other hand, some include the replacement but not the calibration.
4. Replacement of cracked or damaged windshield starts at $700, which is not cheap by any means — calibrating one cost around $150, which is a separate cost from the cost the windshield.

What you should know about ADAS windshield replacement

As much as 40% of automobiles in Canada have ADAS, and the numbers keep increasing. This means that the earlier you know your options, the better.

• Understand what your car insurance covers. Ideally, it should cover replacement as well as calibration.
• Discounted glass is not a good option. But so is an improper calibration as it affects performance.
• Buy your car from a dealer that has the equipment to make the calibration as well replacement. Going out of town for these purposes can be time-consuming and cost you extra.

Windshield Replacement Service Video

Check out our windshield replacement video.