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Police Writes Ticket For A Cracked Windshield As The Person Was About To Get It Repaired

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With every passing day, we lament at the discourse that this world has taken part in. It is easier for people to take in news that sound unfortunate and gone are the days where it was really just black and white. Now, there is just a lot of grey area where some things are just unexplainable, unfathomable and unsolvable.

The Police Should Have Been More Lenient

While we trust the law makers and the law keepers to protect us from the perils of the world, with the current situation, we can’t exactly place a lot of trust in them. We have either been victims or have a friend who has been a victim of such mishaps.

Below is a harrowing tale of an experience by a Nick Berlin which involved his windshield and a cop.

Man gets penalized for a defective vehicle just outside the repair shop:

Nick Berlin had an appointment at 3.30 pm with his auto repair shop for repairing his cracked windshield. The cracked windshield was a result of the mindless action of a person who threw a rock at his windshield. And when things couldn’t get worse than that, he was stopped by a police officer who cited that he was operating an unsafe and a defective vehicle.

That was all true, but we have to remember that Nick was at the parking lot of the auto repair shop for his appointment. Despite having requested the police officer for some leniency, the officer wrote a ticket to Nick just 100 feet away from the repair shop. If he had been 5 minutes early, he could have gone in without the hassle and without the ticket.

At this point, we ask if the police are more interested in garnering revenues rather than assessing a situation with reason and logic. With the above anecdote, it is hard to think otherwise.

Cold Temperatures Responsible For Breaking Windshields

cold temperatures responsible for breaking windshields

A man from Indianapolis had an unlikely story to share which involved his windshield. The rear windshield broke while he was sitting inside the car with the defroster on. From a usual point of view, it appeared like as if somebody has thrown a blunt and a heavy object at the windshield, which is a legit reason for the windshield cracking on its own with full force. The only thing missing upon investigation was the object which was ‘responsible’ for the breakage. Later, it turned out that the only culprit was the cold temperatures at that time.

What causes windshields to crack at low temperatures?

The reason is just elementary science. Glass expands and contracts with the fluctuations in temperatures. So, when there is a sudden change in temperature, the rate at which the glass can expand and contract can cause cracks and at certain situations like the man from Indianapolis experienced, it can break fully.

How to avoid windshields from breaking?    

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for cracked or broken windshields, the idea is to never defrost your windshield with hot water. With the sudden and uninvited introduction of hot temperature to the windshield, the glass will expand without warning and it will obviously pop your windshield. The trick is to use a defroster at a moderate temperature so that hot air is introduced gradually and the glass will ease into the surrounding temperature.

It was likely that the man from Indianapolis, who is known by the name Dave Mejean, turned the highest temperature of his windshield and it was probable that the windshield was unable to take the sudden change in temperature.

Besides spending a fortune on changing a windshield, money is not the only concern as glass can provide a danger to the people around it. The impact from the glass can cause serious injuries as well. So, make sure that the ice on the windshield is handled with care.


Women Take On Windshield Repair with Special Programs

women take on windshield repair

It was men who initially dominated the auto glass repair work, but there have always been women involved in the business. The role of women in the automotive industry is significantly gaining recognition, and some women have even started their independent venture in the auto repair work.

New Programs for Women

Several programs especially target women who are new in the business and also for women who had been there for many years. Two such programs that changed the game for women are Women in Trades and #WomenRockRepair.

#WomenRockRepair is a group that highlights women in the auto glass business. It was established by Shiloh Spoo who was inspired by a friend to specifically focus on women when they noticed that women were overshadowed at the previous years’ Auto Glass Week awards ceremony.

Supportive Establishment

The movement gained momentum, and #WomenRockRepair has since mentored women groups to join and establish them in the windshield repair and replacement industry. This program also sponsors women to compete in the Windshield Repair Competition by sponsoring the entry fees and training them in the business.

The Women in the Trade scholarship program have also been providing support and mentoring women for over a decade. With the initiative to provide scholarships for women wanting to pursue this career, they train and offer opportunities to work with experts. They choose five women every semester and offer them opportunities to further their skills.

The Inspirations

Suzanne Allan who encourages Shiloh Spoo was the first woman to win the Windshield Repair competition in 2018. She claims that her husband inspired her to enter the contest after he won earlier. It was an achievement that opened the possibilities for many other women as well, and she encourages other women to follow their dreams.

Programs such as #WomenRockRepair and Women in the Trade have greatly helped in highlighting the possibilities of any woman and will continue to produce efficient and skilled women in the auto glass industry.

Repair Bills for Minor Collisions on Vehicles with Advanced Safety Systems

repair bills

With the advancement in automobile technology, many drivers are finding it hard to maintain the unexpected repair bills even for minor damages in the new models and upgraded old model vehicles.

Reason for the Skyrocketing Prices

According to new research by AAA in Heathrow, the advanced system installed on vehicles is costing twice the amount. Features such as a blind spot monitoring, emergency braking and lane departure warning comes with high expenditure that most vehicle owners are not yet aware of.

Minor collision can cause a financial loss especially when the damaged sensors are located behind the bumpers, windshield and door mirrors. Such repairs could cost over $3000 when professionals do not fix them.

What Vehicle Owners Should Know

It is therefore crucial for the owners to understand the technology, model, performance and cost of the technology that they are using in their vehicles to be financially prepared for maintenance if something should happen to their car.

Location and type of the sensors used in the vehicle and where to find replacement and repair cost are some variables to consider while purchasing or installing safety features in a car. Being informed about the price variable can significantly cut down the cost and duration of repair works.

For standard ADAS repair in Orlando, the price ranges are as follows:

Vehicles with front radar sensors, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking systems cost between $900to $1,300

Cars with rear radar sensors, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring systems cost around $850 to $2,050

If your vehicle supports front camera sensors along with adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane keeping and lane departure warning systems, the cost of repair excluding the cost of windshield replacement will range from $850 to $1900.

Rear camera sensor, side mirror or front mirror along with around-view system would cost $500 to $1,100.

Ultrasonic sensors on the rear or front of the vehicle used with parking assist systems costs between $500 to $1300.

10 Causes of Windshield Cracks & How to Avoid It

avoiding windshield cracks

One of the foremost and most common problems that car owners face is windshield cracks. There are several reasons for the cause of windshield damage and how to avoid them.

  1. Quality of Glass: Whether it is by the manufacturers or the replacement company, poor quality glass easily crack on bad roads or even on mild impact. The only way to avoid replacing the windshield is never to compromise high-quality windshield for the price.


  1. Installation: Improper installation due to poor craftsmanship and incorrect windshield can cause gaps. Installation by trained technicians with the right equipment and fittings can lessen vibration on the windshield and prevent cracks.


  1. Gravel Road: Debris from gravel road can hit your windshield while you drive through it or from other passing vehicles. Keep a safe distance as much as possible and try to avoid gravel roads under constructions


  1. Temperature: The pressure from extreme hot and cold weather can cause the windshield to expand on contract and cause the glass to crack.


  1. Sunlight: Most common reason for the cause of cracked windshield is extreme heat from the sun because the edges expand faster than the centre. You can avoid this breakage by parking in the shade whenever possible.


  1. Construction Vehicles: Materials like gravel and soil carried by construction vehicles can sometimes spill over on your windshield and cause it to crack. To prevent such incident, drive at a safe distance away from construction vehicles.


  1. Trees: Parking under a tree provides shade but falling broken branches, and hardened fruits from the tree could damage your windshield. It is advisable to park away from trees with fruits and inside a garage.


  1. Hail Stones: When hail falls on the windshield with speed and force, even small hailstones can cause chips and cracks. Driving in the opposite direction at a slower pace and using the wipers prevents severe damage.


  1. Air Pressure by Speeding: Speeding causes a change in pressure and stress on the windshield and forces it to break when it comes in contact with any external objects easily.


  1. Accidents: Unavoidable incidents such as a collision or accidents due to carelessness and sheer coincidence are also responsible for windshield cracks. They can be avoided by parking your car in a safe garage and being careful of your surroundings.

Fiber Fix Repair Tool That Can Seal Windshield Cracks

This is the fiberfix tool, a do it yourself tool that can help people fix small cracks in their cars windshield. This product can also be used to reinforce weak joins and crumbling old plastic. The small do it yourself tasks can be hard to do. For example if you’re car windshield gets chipped, you can use the Fiberfix diy repair tool to fix the damage in a matter of minutes. This cool new innovative tool uses a sticky resin that can seal, build, and bond, with over 2000 lbs of power. Right now you can get the Fiberfix two pack repair tool for the low price of $14.99. Not a bad deal for a tool that allows users to quickly fix up small cracks in a windshield.

No Special Skills Needed

Another great thing about this product is that you don’t need trained skills to operate it. The precision nozzle can be used to apply the resin like glue. You can manipulate the Fiberfix resin to be molded to form a new surface. For this reason you can fill in the cracks, as well as protect exposed wiring. The resin is a very powerful substance that can be used strengthen weak joins and old plastic.

The resin sticks to pretty much all surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. It cures when its in the air, however you can speed up the process by using the UV light on the Fiberfix tool. Once the resin sets in it can be sanded to a nice smooth finish.
To learn more about this product watch the video posted below!