Police Writes Ticket For A Cracked Windshield As The Person Was About To Get It Repaired

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With every passing day, we lament at the discourse that this world has taken part in. It is easier for people to take in news that sound unfortunate and gone are the days where it was really just black and white. Now, there is just a lot of grey area where some things are just unexplainable, unfathomable and unsolvable.

The Police Should Have Been More Lenient

While we trust the law makers and the law keepers to protect us from the perils of the world, with the current situation, we can’t exactly place a lot of trust in them. We have either been victims or have a friend who has been a victim of such mishaps.

Below is a harrowing tale of an experience by a Nick Berlin which involved his windshield and a cop.

Man gets penalized for a defective vehicle just outside the repair shop:

Nick Berlin had an appointment at 3.30 pm with his auto repair shop for repairing his cracked windshield. The cracked windshield was a result of the mindless action of a person who threw a rock at his windshield. And when things couldn’t get worse than that, he was stopped by a police officer who cited that he was operating an unsafe and a defective vehicle.

That was all true, but we have to remember that Nick was at the parking lot of the auto repair shop for his appointment. Despite having requested the police officer for some leniency, the officer wrote a ticket to Nick just 100 feet away from the repair shop. If he had been 5 minutes early, he could have gone in without the hassle and without the ticket.

At this point, we ask if the police are more interested in garnering revenues rather than assessing a situation with reason and logic. With the above anecdote, it is hard to think otherwise.