Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS

What is it?

Advanced driver assistance systems is a technology designed to facilitate the driving process. It assists the driver for safety, smooth and better driving. ADAS is a radar-based technology which provides information to the driver through audio and visual notifications. It is the precursor of groundbreaking technology of future autonomous driving.

The system notifies the driver of the objects in the surrounding area with the help of motion detectors, and cameras mounted at different angles of the car. It will warn the driver if he is exceeding the speed limit, crossing into another lane without signalling, and may even take control of the vehicle in some cases.

Importance of ADAS in cars.

  • Majority of accidents today occurs due to human error. Accidents happen in split seconds; in some cases, the drivers don’t have enough time to react. Accidents like this can be prevented with ADAS technology.
  • It is instrumental especially on the highways where the driver needs to be on full alert at all times.
  • At times, the person behind the wheel may be distracted by a phone call or something happening in the street. This may lead to crossing over to another lane or even collision.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems can identify almost everything parked cars, moving trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • The system takes control of the vehicle if the driver does not respond to its warnings, it can slow down or speed up the car, and self corrects the vehicle’s steering.
  • The driver can override the system anytime he wants to.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems are critical in cities where cars are tightly packed in small spaces. Parking a car in such places can be a challenge for amateur drivers, but with ADAS, it’s an easy task.

Whether you’re in a city with less traffic or on a busy highway, advanced driver assistance systems are here to take your driving experience to a new level.