Why repairing ADAS integrated windshield can leave a dent in your wallet

repairing windshields

A traditional windshield was an aerodynamic window in the front of the car. It protected the car’s occupants from the elements while serving as a medium of visibility.

Modern windshields, on the other hand, helps drive the car, apart from providing visibility and protection. Most of the vehicles have integrated advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS in the windshields. It is equipped with features such as collision avoidance, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking. While this technology has significantly reduced fatal accidents from happening, the system involves sophisticated and advanced components such as video sensors, ultrasonic and radar sensors.

Why repairing these windshields are complicated and expensive.

The ADAS technology includes cameras in the windshield, ultrasonic devices in the bumpers and radars in the front grill. While these components work in perfect synchronization to protect and assist, they can go out of alignment very quickly on the slightest impact. It is because of their sensitive nature.

The following reasons are why repairing a cracked windshield with this technology gets expensive.

  • A wheel alignment is required to calibrate video and radar sensors.
  • Targeting equipment such as lasers and high-output LED are needed to perform a static recalibration.
  • Recalibration on some cars cannot be completed unless the fuel tank is full.
  • These windshields can only be repaired at specially configured auto repair shops. These shops must be equipped with advanced lighting systems and lasers. The area must be free of interference with ample open space.
  • Dynamic recalibration on some models includes test driving for as far as 25 miles.
  • The calibration is completed and confirmed only when the car is test driven on the road with clearly marked lanes. It can be successfully executed only when the weather is clear.

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