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windshield replacement north york

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The windshield of your vehicle is meant to withstand some impact of foreign objects that may kick up on the road. It is stronger than the glass of your other windows because it needs to be able to the block the driver and front passengers from debris. When your vehicle’s windshield has been severely compromised by a rock or another hard object, it is definitely important to get your windshield replaced. Windshield replacement is made easy by the experienced technicians at Wind Auto Glass. We know what to look for that indicates whether or not you need a repair or a replacement of your windshield glass. We always try to repair the windshield glass initially, but sometimes the damage will warrant the replacement if the whole windshield. Windshield replacement  is essential for the safety of the driver and their passengers, and Wind Auto Glass takes that very seriously. We service all kinds of vehicles in the Toronto area, and it doesn’t matter about the make, model, or age of the vehicle. Our technicians can come to you to repair and replace your windshield wherever you may be. You do not have to compromise your daily routines as our work can be done remotely, and efficiently with great success and customer satisfaction.

With the proper insurance coverage, we will pay your 100% deductible for your windshield replacement, depending on the conditions. Wind Auto Glass uses only the best quality products when it comes to your windshield replacement. We are also very accessible for you, we can meet you wherever you are to replace your windshield. Windshield replacement is made easy with the steps that we take:

Step 1: Prep the vehicle to repair the broken windshield:
We will protect your outer bodywork and the interior of your vehicle before we remove the windshield.

Step 2: Removal of damaged window:
We will cut away and remove the seals and glue that hold the windshield in place and remove it from the vehicle.

Step 3: Prep new windshield:
We apply primer to the vehicle framework and allow it to dry, and then we apply a bonding glue to the windshield to make sure it fits snug and seals well.

Step 4: Install the new windshield:
We will carefully fit the new windshield into the vehicle and ensure that any original fittings are replaced. The glue will need to set for at least 60 minutes.

If you are living in the Toronto area and you are in need of a windshield replacement, we recommend that you call the professionals at Wind Auto Glass. We are dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality auto glass service, and we are there for you wherever you need us. Please feel free to give us a call or email us, and you can also check out more about our services on our website.

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair Services

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windshield repair north york

Most commonly a vehicle will be made with tempered glass for its windows except for the windshield. As tempered glass is more prone to shattering, the windshield is usually made from laminated glass, which makes it shatter proof and allows it to withstand more impact. Windshield glass is made laminated so that it prevents the breakage from stones, rocks, and other potentially damaging objects. Laminated glass is essentially just two pieces of thinner tempered glass that are fused to an inner rubber layer. The rubber layer acts as a sponge or shock absorber and reduces the chance of breakage from the impact of foreign objects.

If you are living in the Toronto area and you are in need of windshield repair services, we recommend that you call Wind Auto Glass. Our windshield repair service can come to you wherever you are to fix any chips or cracks in your windshield, or replace the entire windshield depending on the severity. Windshield repair is made easy by the professional and experienced technicians at Wind Auto Glass. As soon as we hang up from a call from a customer needing our windshield services, we will send out a highly skilled technician to your location to fix your auto glass. You will not have sacrifice your daily routine in any way as we can come to your work or your house to do our repairs or replacements. Our windshield repair services not only meet, but exceed auto industry standards, and our customers are always very satisfied with the results.

Wind Auto Glass can repair or replace all types of auto glass. No matter what type of damage your glass has experienced, whether it be chipped, scratched, cracked, or broken, no matter the brand, model or age of your car, we will be able to give our customers satisfaction. If you are living in the greater Toronto area and your vehicles has experienced a trauma to its windshield, we recommend that you give us a call at Wind Auto Glass. Our windshield repair service will be able to address your repair or replacement needs, and get you on your way as soon as possible. If you would like more information about windshield repair, please feel free to send us an email, or give us a call. You can also check out all of our services on our website.

Auto Glass Repair

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Auto Glass Repair Services

Having intact windows is crucial for the safety of the vehicle and absolutely necessary for the protection of its occupants. Even if you have the smallest crack or chip in your windows, if the vehicle is moving and going over bumps in the road, that window could break at any moment. If you are looking for auto glass repair for your vehicle, we recommend that you contact Wind Auto Glass. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or at work, we can come to you to repair or replace your windshield and surrounding glass. Auto glass repair is made easy with our professional installers that will come to you to repair any chips or cracks in your vehicles glass. As long as your location is within our zone, we will send out our highly skilled technicians right after you give us a call. Our auto glass repair services are convenient for the client because you won’t have to worry about interrupting your day with taking your car to a service center. Our repairs and installations on the road not only meet, but exceed the standards and expectations of the auto industry.

auto glass repair north york


To bring the windshield or surrounding glass back to its original integrity, which directly contributes to your safety, any chipped or cracked auto glass should be repaired or replaced immediately. You may not even be able to get a vehicle safetied if there is significant damage to the vehicle’s auto glass. Some of the provincial regulations for auto glass that may hinder you from getting your vehicle safetied are as follows:

  • Stone chips with a crater larger than 5mm in diameter
  • Glass breaks that are larger than 50mm in diameter
  • Damage to the outer edge of the windshield
  • Glass damage that is directly impacting the drivers field of view

Auto glass repair by Wind Auto Glass can fix these issues to ensure that your vehicle will be able to get safetied. Typically, all the glass on a vehicle is tempered glass except for the windshield. Tempered glass can shatter, but your windshield glass is laminated and shatter proof, which is why a windshield can withstand impact better. Smaller windshield chips and cracks can be repaired by our auto glass repair service, but bigger more severe chips and cracks in your windows may call for us to do a replacement of your glass.

If you are in the greater Toronto area and your car’s glass has experienced some damaging trauma, the professionals at Wind Auto Glass can help you out. Our auto glass repair service is convenient, reliable, and cost effective for you, and we will come to you to repair or replace your glass so you don’t miss a beat! If you would like more information about our auto glass repair service, please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or visit our website.

Car Window Tinting

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Our Car Window Tinting Service has been providing quality window tinting in our head office location only. We strictly use high quality Llumar Window Film, 3M Window Film and Lumin-X Protective Film products. Our mobile tinting trucks are always fully equipped and accesible for you
Our Car window tinting warranty comes with
– Life time warranty against any manufacturer defect
– Colour stability
– 99% UV ray protection
– Life time warranty against any bubble and peel off
Tinting can make your vehicle, home or building more attractive, adds privacy, blocks glare and creates an even appearance that greatly improves resale value. It can also reduce the risk of theft or vandalism and may prevent serious injuries that result from damaged glass.
Wind Auto Glass & Tinting uses high quality films which are scratch-resistant, filter out 99% UV radiation and come in a range of modern colours and shades to suit your requirements. For more information on our complete range of automotive tinting please call us.

3M Paint Protection:
A durable, high-grade, colourless urethane film applied to high impact area of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging road debris.
It helps keep your paint looking great and significantly reduces paint chips and bug damage. Also it prevents the stone hit your windshield.

Head Light, Tail Light and Fog Light covers:
We strictly use high quality Lamin-X protective films
– clear
– Tint
– Gunsmoke
– Yellow
– Blue
Primary Benefits of Tinting:
Increased comfort, protection and appearance
Blocks up to 79% of solar heat, helping to keep your home and office cooler
Automotive tints to block up to 60% heat
Greater protection against harmful UV rays – Greater privacy
Better energy efficiency, reducing energy costs – all year round
Dramatically reduces fading of carpets, curtains and furniture
Car and home safety and security films to protect against break-ins