Snow Spilled From Snowplough Shatters Car Windshield

“A Freak Accident”

An unfortunate incident that involved a snowplough and a windshield of Kevin Hoffer’s car occurred on 28th November 2018 while he was driving on the highway through the Michigan Avenue overpass.

After the torrential snowfall the night before, a fully loaded county snowplough was clearing snow on the overpass just as Hoffer’s car was crossing the bridge below. What seemed like a regular errant run turned into a freak accident when the loaded snow started spilling below the bridge, and the snow fell over the windshield of Hoffer’s car and shattered the auto glass.

The whole episode was dramatically captured by the dash cam in the car to provide evidence of the incident.


Hoffer said that he intended to get off the highway on the next exit had the incident not taken place. He was unharmed, but the damage on the windshield could have caused severe dangers for him as it prevented him from having a clear view of the road and also threatening his safety if the cracked glass shatters on the street.

He was able to get off the highway safely without injuries, and his vehicle did not disrupt traffic.

Insurance Covered

Hoffer was luckily enough to have solid proof of the incident through his webcam.

His insurance company has decided to pay for most of the replacement fee which is expected at $600. But since the insurance company will only be covering a part of the cost, he hopes that the county will pay for the rest of the fees.

The Advantage of a Dash Cam

With the winters setting in, drivers are advised to prepare their cars for the oncoming winter chills and take necessary precautions for their safety. Installing a dash cam and quality windshield is a must to stay safe and secure.

Like Hoffer’s incident, if you face such unpredictable events, dash cams are handy in providing evidence and could save your life and expenditure.