How Flexible is The Window Tint Law in Pennsylvania

window tint law

The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code prohibits vehicle window tint or sun screening device which does not allow visibility of the vehicle interiors through the windshield, the side or rear windows. There are some exceptions for an automobile or ambulances and car owners with medical conditions.

However, there have been a few instances with citizens like Nathan Freeman who lives in Muhlenberg Township, where traffic cops are being inconsistent with the permitted degree of tint in vehicle windshields and windows because he drives a modified Cadillac.

Claims that cops target modified or attractive looking vehicles more than regular cars and it has dramatically inconvenienced car owners into receiving tickets even for minor mishaps are quite common.

Freeman, 21, also states that traffic cops often harass younger drivers who like modified cars and use tinted glasses just for the physical attractiveness of the vehicle.

According to the law enforcement officials, cops on duty have different agendas. While some like to run radar and check speed, others prefer inspecting licensed and vehicle code violations, including tinted windows. It depends on the cop’s engagement in what he feels is a priority.

The cops find it easier to detect danger when the windows are not overly tinted to obstruct a view of the car interiors.  While this law stands for safety issues, some vehicle owners claim that it is a violation of personal privacy and safety.

Many innocent and law-abiding citizens use tinted windows for several personal reasons, so it seems unfair when the cops regularly target people with no malicious agenda for the type of vehicle they drive.

With the increase in a clash between the motorist and cops on the subject of tinted windows, the need of the hour is advocating common sense to ensure safety and mutual respect.

While it is illegal to have more than 70% of tinted glass installed, the law enforcers should not be too harsh on the motorists for a law that is not uniform in every situation. The travelers, on the other hand, can show some concern for the rules by lowering the windows so that the cops can have a clear view of the inside of the car and steer clear of suspicion and altercations.

Window Tinting In The Greater Toronto Area

What is window tint (or window film) and what’s the benefit?

Window tint is a thin layer of film applied to your car’s windows for various reasons. Young drivers prefer to install window tint because it makes your car look cool and it does. The other great advantages of installing window tint is prevent sun heating up the interior of your car, keep theives from identifying expensive valuables in your car, block sun rays, and lastly the tint layer will prevent your window from shattering into small pieces (if collision occurs).

How much heat can protective window tint reflect from the window?

Generally, this depends on the type of film you install on your car but on average the tint protects 80% of heat.

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