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Having intact windows is crucial for the safety of the vehicle and absolutely necessary for the protection of its occupants. Even if you have the smallest crack or chip in your windows, if the vehicle is moving and going over bumps in the road, that window could break at any moment. If you are looking for auto glass repair for your vehicle, we recommend that you contact Wind Auto Glass.

Why repairing ADAS integrated windshield can leave a dent in your wallet

repairing windshields

A traditional windshield was an aerodynamic window in the front of the car. It protected the car’s occupants from the elements while serving as a medium of visibility.

Modern windshields, on the other hand, helps drive the car, apart from providing visibility and protection. Most of the vehicles have integrated advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS in the windshields. It is equipped with features such as collision avoidance, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking. While this technology has significantly reduced fatal accidents from happening, the system involves sophisticated and advanced components such as video sensors, ultrasonic and radar sensors.

Why repairing these windshields are complicated and expensive.

The ADAS technology includes cameras in the windshield, ultrasonic devices in the bumpers and radars in the front grill. While these components work in perfect synchronization to protect and assist, they can go out of alignment very quickly on the slightest impact. It is because of their sensitive nature.

The following reasons are why repairing a cracked windshield with this technology gets expensive.

  • A wheel alignment is required to calibrate video and radar sensors.
  • Targeting equipment such as lasers and high-output LED are needed to perform a static recalibration.
  • Recalibration on some cars cannot be completed unless the fuel tank is full.
  • These windshields can only be repaired at specially configured auto repair shops. These shops must be equipped with advanced lighting systems and lasers. The area must be free of interference with ample open space.
  • Dynamic recalibration on some models includes test driving for as far as 25 miles.
  • The calibration is completed and confirmed only when the car is test driven on the road with clearly marked lanes. It can be successfully executed only when the weather is clear.

At Wind Auto Glass, trained professionals and mechanics ensure that your car is given the best treatment. Our state of the art equipment readily repairs and replaces your windshield at a very affordable price.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS

What is it?

Advanced driver assistance systems is a technology designed to facilitate the driving process. It assists the driver for safety, smooth and better driving. ADAS is a radar-based technology which provides information to the driver through audio and visual notifications. It is the precursor of groundbreaking technology of future autonomous driving.

The system notifies the driver of the objects in the surrounding area with the help of motion detectors, and cameras mounted at different angles of the car. It will warn the driver if he is exceeding the speed limit, crossing into another lane without signalling, and may even take control of the vehicle in some cases.

Importance of ADAS in cars.

  • Majority of accidents today occurs due to human error. Accidents happen in split seconds; in some cases, the drivers don’t have enough time to react. Accidents like this can be prevented with ADAS technology.
  • It is instrumental especially on the highways where the driver needs to be on full alert at all times.
  • At times, the person behind the wheel may be distracted by a phone call or something happening in the street. This may lead to crossing over to another lane or even collision.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems can identify almost everything parked cars, moving trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • The system takes control of the vehicle if the driver does not respond to its warnings, it can slow down or speed up the car, and self corrects the vehicle’s steering.
  • The driver can override the system anytime he wants to.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems are critical in cities where cars are tightly packed in small spaces. Parking a car in such places can be a challenge for amateur drivers, but with ADAS, it’s an easy task.

Whether you’re in a city with less traffic or on a busy highway, advanced driver assistance systems are here to take your driving experience to a new level.

Cold Temperatures Responsible For Breaking Windshields

cold temperatures responsible for breaking windshields

A man from Indianapolis had an unlikely story to share which involved his windshield. The rear windshield broke while he was sitting inside the car with the defroster on. From a usual point of view, it appeared like as if somebody has thrown a blunt and a heavy object at the windshield, which is a legit reason for the windshield cracking on its own with full force. The only thing missing upon investigation was the object which was ‘responsible’ for the breakage. Later, it turned out that the only culprit was the cold temperatures at that time.

What causes windshields to crack at low temperatures?

The reason is just elementary science. Glass expands and contracts with the fluctuations in temperatures. So, when there is a sudden change in temperature, the rate at which the glass can expand and contract can cause cracks and at certain situations like the man from Indianapolis experienced, it can break fully.

How to avoid windshields from breaking?    

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for cracked or broken windshields, the idea is to never defrost your windshield with hot water. With the sudden and uninvited introduction of hot temperature to the windshield, the glass will expand without warning and it will obviously pop your windshield. The trick is to use a defroster at a moderate temperature so that hot air is introduced gradually and the glass will ease into the surrounding temperature.

It was likely that the man from Indianapolis, who is known by the name Dave Mejean, turned the highest temperature of his windshield and it was probable that the windshield was unable to take the sudden change in temperature.

Besides spending a fortune on changing a windshield, money is not the only concern as glass can provide a danger to the people around it. The impact from the glass can cause serious injuries as well. So, make sure that the ice on the windshield is handled with care.


Preparing Your Car for the Winters

preparing your car for winter

With the chilly winters fast approaching in central North Carolina, many vehicles owners are warned to take extra precautions to prevent their vehicles from extreme weather damages and for road safety.

Here are essential tips to better prepare for the snowfall which is expected to create dangerous sleet, frosting and ice.

Clearing the View

It is essential to ensure that the driver has a clear view of the road. The outside and the inside of the windshield should be wiped clean with a snow scraper or brush to remove the accumulated snow.

Clearing a Fogged Windshield

When the windshield of the car remains closed, it gets fogged from within the vehicle. Wipe the fogged windshield for temporary clarity but to keep the windows from fogging again, turn on the defroster upwards so warm up the windshield.

If you are unfamiliar with your car appliances, the defroster is indicated by an icon with three curved arrows on the dashboard. Once the windshield is clear, turn the heat towards your convenient direction to heat the rest of the interiors of the car.

Check Wiper and Wiper Blades

While defrosting the windshield, ensure that the windshield wiper is also in proper condition. Check for worn-out of chipped wiper blades to prevent streaking the windshield which makes it vulnerable to breakage in extreme heat or cold weather.

Under the Hood

Battery life: make sure that you have a powered battery to prevent trouble while starting the engine.

Check Radiators: Radiators should be checked and flushed within two years to keep the coolant and antifreeze running.

Refill washer fluid: clear washer fluid makes the wiper blades useless in cleaning the grit from the windshield.


Ensure that the tyre pressure and thread are in top condition so that the car can thread through snow-covered areas with ease and that the thread is conditioned well to grasp enough traction on slippery roads.

Lastly, check your exhaust and have an emergency kit with winter supplies in the car along with snacks, food, coat, gloves and a blanket in case you find someone stuck in the cold.

Women Take On Windshield Repair with Special Programs

women take on windshield repair

It was men who initially dominated the auto glass repair work, but there have always been women involved in the business. The role of women in the automotive industry is significantly gaining recognition, and some women have even started their independent venture in the auto repair work.

New Programs for Women

Several programs especially target women who are new in the business and also for women who had been there for many years. Two such programs that changed the game for women are Women in Trades and #WomenRockRepair.

#WomenRockRepair is a group that highlights women in the auto glass business. It was established by Shiloh Spoo who was inspired by a friend to specifically focus on women when they noticed that women were overshadowed at the previous years’ Auto Glass Week awards ceremony.

Supportive Establishment

The movement gained momentum, and #WomenRockRepair has since mentored women groups to join and establish them in the windshield repair and replacement industry. This program also sponsors women to compete in the Windshield Repair Competition by sponsoring the entry fees and training them in the business.

The Women in the Trade scholarship program have also been providing support and mentoring women for over a decade. With the initiative to provide scholarships for women wanting to pursue this career, they train and offer opportunities to work with experts. They choose five women every semester and offer them opportunities to further their skills.

The Inspirations

Suzanne Allan who encourages Shiloh Spoo was the first woman to win the Windshield Repair competition in 2018. She claims that her husband inspired her to enter the contest after he won earlier. It was an achievement that opened the possibilities for many other women as well, and she encourages other women to follow their dreams.

Programs such as #WomenRockRepair and Women in the Trade have greatly helped in highlighting the possibilities of any woman and will continue to produce efficient and skilled women in the auto glass industry.

Repair Bills for Minor Collisions on Vehicles with Advanced Safety Systems

repair bills

With the advancement in automobile technology, many drivers are finding it hard to maintain the unexpected repair bills even for minor damages in the new models and upgraded old model vehicles.

Reason for the Skyrocketing Prices

According to new research by AAA in Heathrow, the advanced system installed on vehicles is costing twice the amount. Features such as a blind spot monitoring, emergency braking and lane departure warning comes with high expenditure that most vehicle owners are not yet aware of.

Minor collision can cause a financial loss especially when the damaged sensors are located behind the bumpers, windshield and door mirrors. Such repairs could cost over $3000 when professionals do not fix them.

What Vehicle Owners Should Know

It is therefore crucial for the owners to understand the technology, model, performance and cost of the technology that they are using in their vehicles to be financially prepared for maintenance if something should happen to their car.

Location and type of the sensors used in the vehicle and where to find replacement and repair cost are some variables to consider while purchasing or installing safety features in a car. Being informed about the price variable can significantly cut down the cost and duration of repair works.

For standard ADAS repair in Orlando, the price ranges are as follows:

Vehicles with front radar sensors, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking systems cost between $900to $1,300

Cars with rear radar sensors, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring systems cost around $850 to $2,050

If your vehicle supports front camera sensors along with adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane keeping and lane departure warning systems, the cost of repair excluding the cost of windshield replacement will range from $850 to $1900.

Rear camera sensor, side mirror or front mirror along with around-view system would cost $500 to $1,100.

Ultrasonic sensors on the rear or front of the vehicle used with parking assist systems costs between $500 to $1300.

Advance Auto System Increasing Collision Repair Bills

Advance Auto System

The installation of an advanced driving automatic system has dramatically increased the safety of drivers and car owner alike but at a high price to pay.

Why Does Windshield Repair Cost More?

Most vehicles with ADAS has cameras on the windshield, rear or back mirrors and since windshield are mirrors are prone to damage, the cost of replacing and repairing the safety sensors have skyrocketed according to the latest research shown by East Central AAA.

Advanced safety features installed on new models such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure and lane keeping sensors use cameras to detect dangers. They are highly effective in providing safety and easier manoeuvring of vehicles.

Comparing Repair Price

While the cost of repairing or replacing windshield was about $450 to $800, the sensors used by these advanced systems on the windshield makes it harder to maintain them. Since these camera sensors require quality windshield glass and correct installation, the cost of repairing or replacing is bound to rise too.

Minor damages or dents on the bumper, door or cracks on the windshield often require full replacement of the camera sensors as it obscures the accuracy of the image or modifies the system program. The whole system needs recalibration even due to small changes. Therefore the cost of auto glass replacement and repair has gone up to about $1,500 recently.

Preparations For Car Owners

Car owners should understand the kind of technology they are using, made and model of their cars before considering advance safety systems for the vehicle. The can also perform insurance policy check-up to ensure that they can cover for the rising expenses and have some idea about the changes in the cost of repair.

While the chances of collision are minor, accidents do happen and these advanced technologies are sensitive, so car owners are expected to understand that the cost of safety is no longer cheap and repair bills are undeniably and reasonably higher.

ADAS Car Steers towards Traffic Post Windshield Replacement

car windows

ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) is designed to assist drivers in their lanes and prevent collision with other vehicles or obstructions. It uses several sensors attached to the windshield.

Mike Ash has been driving a 2016 Acura MDX equipped with ADAS for the past few years. When Speedy Glass serviced his car for windshield replacement, Ash was perplexed by the effects it had on the camera. He was nearly steered into traffic zone and barely made it out in time.

What he did not know is that the camera should be recalibrated precisely by a millimeter or two by specialized technicians in various environmental settings to make it safely functional again and avoid collisions.

Initially, Ash was also not instructed by the mechanics of Speedy Glass on how to readjust the camera, nor was he given any hazard warnings.

On checking the disclaimer on the invoice, he found a disclaimer that was discreetly available and contacted the Transport Canada whose spokesperson assured that the windshield would be replaced but not by the manufacturers.

There are many incidents where vehicles with ADAS owners miss the blueprint of the manual and the guide. While the owners’ guide and manual differ sometimes, the disclaimer for readjusting the camera after replacing the original windshield is always available, but not very apparent which sometimes puts the safety of the drivers at risk.

Honda spokesperson, Alen Sadeh, suggest that customers consult the company’s authorized dealers for genuine parts to avert such incidents.

Different servicing centers have different policies and clients should check if they have technicians to recalibrate the camera and if they provide the correct products for the specific vehicle.

On the other hand, vehicle manufacturers and third-party companies should also be more apparent about safety disclaimers as it is the primary component of the whole system. The warnings need to be clear and explicit so that customers do not go risking their lives by trusting the reliability of a safety system.

ICBC Cost-Saving Changes Agitate Auto Glass Shops

auto glass replacement

cost saving on windshield repairs

ICBC, the crown corporation for auto insurance in British Colombia made a recent announcement to change their policy for auto glass insurance.

The changes include raising car insurance by 25 per cent which would adversely affect the income of the car windshield manufacturers and repair companies.

Mc Cormack, President of Automotive Retailers Association (ARA), stated that the hike was implemented without consulting the ARA and that the policy would require repairing companies to use least expensive, low-quality windshield for replacement as it is losing its income.

The change implies that hundreds of windshield repairing businesses would be losing more than 5% of their cut. Some smaller companies would even be reduced to zero profit, leading to business closing down and laying off employees.

The shortage of employees would then affect the efficiency of the business and the quality of repair. Lower income would mean a cheaper variety of windshield and longer duration for vehicle owners to go without their cars. But these claims made by the group representative of auto glass repair shops were counteracted by ICBC.

While using cheap windshield would affect the insurance of vehicle owners, ICBC will be gaining the lion’s share of the profit. In return, the number of windshields that need repair and replacement will increase and run customers at a loss.

ICBC has been struggling financially and had been aiming to recover the $40 million and $96 million they had lost in glass repair and replacement in the year 2008 and 2017 respectively.  But the implementation of such policy is atrocious for windshield business as they will be the main losers.

Many business owners like Kelly Fleming from Sun Creek Class in Surrey have no other option but the hard decision of laying off skilled employees, cutting down expenses and is losing sleep over it.

However, the spokesperson for David Eby’s ministry stated that by increasing the savings of ICBC, the pressure on auto insurance rates for vehicle owners would reduce and stabilize the financial status of ICBC.