Fiber Fix Repair Tool That Can Seal Windshield Cracks

This is the fiberfix tool, a do it yourself tool that can help people fix small cracks in their cars windshield. This product can also be used to reinforce weak joins and crumbling old plastic. The small do it yourself tasks can be hard to do. For example if you’re car windshield gets chipped, you can use the Fiberfix diy repair tool to fix the damage in a matter of minutes. This cool new innovative tool uses a sticky resin that can seal, build, and bond, with over 2000 lbs of power. Right now you can get the Fiberfix two pack repair tool for the low price of $14.99. Not a bad deal for a tool that allows users to quickly fix up small cracks in a windshield.

No Special Skills Needed

Another great thing about this product is that you don’t need trained skills to operate it. The precision nozzle can be used to apply the resin like glue. You can manipulate the Fiberfix resin to be molded to form a new surface. For this reason you can fill in the cracks, as well as protect exposed wiring. The resin is a very powerful substance that can be used strengthen weak joins and old plastic.

The resin sticks to pretty much all surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc. It cures when its in the air, however you can speed up the process by using the UV light on the Fiberfix tool. Once the resin sets in it can be sanded to a nice smooth finish.
To learn more about this product watch the video posted below!