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Wind Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke are leading experts in vehicle windshield repairs. Whether you find yourself with a small chip or a large crack, Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke has the necessary tools to fully repair any damages to your windshields. With technicians that provide excellent service, Wind Auto Glass guarantees fast and efficient service that cannot be replicated anywhere else! If you are in need of service because of damages from rocks, heat, frost, dirt or vibrations then come stop by Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke today!

If you are having trouble with your vision of the road while driving or fear for the safety of the passengers in your car because of a little crack on the windshield but think it is too minor to have a whole windshield to replace? Your solution is in Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke. Etobicoke provides same-day windshield repairs and replacement for all types of cars and auto glasses. The service techs will use especially procedures to detect the size of the cracks and chips, and if the break is not more than 10 inches, they will proceed to repair them instead of replacing the whole windshield which usually cost an extensive more than repair. Minor chips and cracks can be restored by using the hot resin method that preserves and restore the integrity of the car structure.

They also service any cars, trucks and even RVs. Be it the glass for your rear and front doors, vent glasses, back glasses or quarter glass. If it is auto glass, you can always consult Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke. Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke offers a very competitive rate. We ensure that each vehicle is serviced at a reasonable price and with the highest quality because we believe in your safety and value of our customer. We also offer stone chip repairs for your auto glass. We take utmost care in ensuring that the chips do not get aggravated further, and add a smooth and clean finish so that dust and dirt do not get accumulated to blur your vision again. We also ensure that by performing the stone or rock chip repair immediately, you will not have to compromise on the safety of your vehicle.

Auto glass repair Etobicoke also ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the result of the services because we take pride in offering safety, reliability, and durability. Our trained and experienced service providers are efficient in their techniques, and they use only OEM-rate windshield and adhesives to ensure quality and security. They also use factory-authorized tools and glass from reliable sources to provide safety in all circumstances. We have a seven-day return policy within if the quality is not guaranteed.

auto glass repair etobicoke

Save Money on  Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke Insurance

There is a misconception of how affordable it is to fix damaged glass. At Wind Auto Glass Etobicoke, if you have damages due to an accident, you can reap the benefit of having your insurance cover the full deductible amount! Instead of paying large amounts for a new windshield, you maybe eligible to save hundreds from taking your windshield to get fixed at Wind Auto Glass Repair. Wind Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke can evaluate how much insurance can potentially cover you through a free quote, by providing the make and model of the vehicle.

Have  Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke Windshield Technicians Come to You

If you are in the Etobicoke area then you can call and schedule for a Wind Auto Glass technician to come and fix your vehicle. You will not have to worry about dropping off your vehicle in the shop if you are on a busy schedule. Wind Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke technicians will travel to any area in Etobicoke to fully service your windshield, whether you are at work, home, or even traveling!

Can’t Fix, We Will Replace

At Wind Auto Glass Repair, if the windshield cannot be fixed then you will be granted a new high quality windshield. That means you are guaranteed a durable windshield for the lowest price!  The new windshield will come from Wind Auto Glass’s own inventory so that you can be assured that you are getting the best quality windshield that can be offered. Windshield glass is made laminated so that it prevents the breakage from stones, rocks, and other potentially damaging objects. Laminated glass is essentially just two pieces of thinner tempered glass that are fused to an inner rubber layer. The rubber layer acts as a sponge or shock absorber and reduces the chance of breakage from the impact of foreign objects. Auto Glass Repair Etobicoke also offers free mobile services where you can inquire about the appointment, and get advice on whether your windshield needs a repair or replacement, and estimated costs. If you need services for any auto glass in and around Etobicoke, call to book your appointment or drop by at the service center. We would be pleased to clear all your views.

For more information or if you want to discuss windshield repair and replacement costs, contact Wind Auto Glass today!