What is window tint (or window film) and what’s the benefit?

Window tint is a thin layer of film applied to your car’s windows for various reasons. Young drivers prefer to install window tint because it makes your car look cool and it does. The other great advantages of installing window tint is prevent sun heating up the interior of your car, keep theives from identifying expensive valuables in your car, block sun rays, and lastly the tint layer will prevent your window from shattering into small pieces (if collision occurs).

How much heat can protective window tint reflect from the window?

Generally, this depends on the type of film you install on your car but on average the tint protects 80% of heat.

How long does window tint last after installation?

Window tint wear depends highly on the type of film used and weather conditions outdoors. Window film will last you years and with our life time warranty you don’t have to worry about tint pealing or bubbling.

What’s the legal tint percentage in Ontario?

Ahhhh…very popular question. Couple years ago it was said (and some drivers still have the same understanding on various forums) that Ontario has vague laws about the percentage of tint applied to your windows. That has changed. Officially the O.A.C.P. (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) has published a resolution on 2001-01, that “total light transmittance of 35 percent is acceptable”because “a light transmittance below the 70 percent level increases accident risks in poor light conditions since it reduces the visibility of low contrast objects at a distance, increases the time needed to react, and hinders communication between road users”. Reference: official resolutions website of Ontario

What kind of different types of window film (tint) available?

Different window films include auto and commercial films, such as: Reflective films, Clear frost film, Non-reflective film, Silver frost film (privacy film), safety film and graffiti guard film.

How long does it take to apply window tint?

Usually window tinting takes from 2-3 hours to complete. After installation (and depending on the weather) it’s recommended not to roll down your windows to allow the film to dry completely and fully stick to the glass.

I’m tired of my old film, can I replace it?

Yes, you can replace your window tint any time you like.

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